How to stop people-pleasing for good

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Starting 9th May 2022: a group programme 'How to stop people-pleasing for good - 70 days to say no with confidence'

Do you:

  • Put others needs first - and this happens most of the time, if not all of the time.
  • Find it hard to say 'no' - that could be with family, but it could also be with complete strangers.
  • Find it hard to make decisions - you want everyone else's opinion first and then you probably still can't decide.
  • Ignore or play down your feelings - as if they are not as important as how others feel.
  • Do things out of a sense of obligation - you are driven by what you 'should' do.⁠

Then this programme is for you! 

This 10-week programme will help you:

  • only say ‘yes’ when you mean it
  • have solid self confidence
  • know and communicate your boundaries
  • feel and express your feelings
  • have healthy relationships

What's included:

  • 10-week programme of 8 modules
  • live online group coaching sessions where you will have the opportunity to work one-to-one with Helen
  • sharing circles on deep-dive topics
  • weekly self-reflection work to transfer the learning into your life
  • meditation for each module


  • You speak up for yourself without fear of the response or feeling guilty⁠.
  • You choose how you respond, rather than automatically agreeing⁠.
  • You begin to find relationships where you develop greater intimacy⁠.
  • You get your needs and wants met⁠.
  • You don’t shrink from conflict and you handle it effectively⁠.
  • You are kind to yourself as well as to other people⁠.
  • You make decisions with confidence.⁠
  • You have more time for you and what you love and enjoy⁠.

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Hosted by Helen Snape

Helen is a qualified and trauma aware relationship coach who helps women grow their guilt-free No and have the best relationships of their lives, by building confidence, boundaries and healthy relationship and communication skills.

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