How to be a hero on a mission and crush your goal(s) in style.

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10th May - 12th July 2022, 6.00am - 7.00am
Open to all
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Many people don't achieve achieve their goals. According to research studies, about 92% of those who set goals don't achieve them.

The reason many of us don’t achieve our goal is because we don’t have it in an interesting personal narrative. According to Donald Miller, the author of books such as Story Brand, we need to have our goals in an interesting story.

For example, if you want to grow your net worth, it is not enough to just say, "I will pay off £1,000 debt this year". Saying something like, "I’ll pay off £1,000 debt by December this year and when I achieve that, I’ll take my best friend to the spa so that we pamper ourselves for the day".

That is so much more interesting and something to look forward to. It actually inspires you to want to achieve it. Only about 8% of people who set goals achieve their goals.

Are you asking: How do I crush my goals in style this year and be part of the 8%? 

We hear you and that is why we invite you to join the book club where we shall be reading the book Hero On A Mission by Donald Miller.

Each week, we shall look at a chapter or two read it and implement it. Don Miller talks about having a goal partner- someone with a similar goal. Having a goal partner who understands your goal and would inspire you to achieve it one way to achieve your goals.

This book club is intended to provide that for you.

How do you crush your goal(s) in style this year? It is by being a hero on a mission. We invite you to join the book club where we will read the book Hero on a Missionby Donald Miller. This is a free book club. All you need to do is buy the book on amazon. 

What we will cover

  • How to know your why.
  • The importance of defining your completion date.
  • How to assign goal partners.
  • Why defining key milestones is very important.
  • Why gamifying the process is a must to your success.

 Your goals should fit into your overall life plan. As Don Miller puts it, "The problem is not life, the problem is what we are doing with life that gives us the sense of restlessness; that can be changed".

Join the book club and be the hero on a mission this year.

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Hosted by GOE Enterprise Limited

Gospel Eadweardfilia will be your host for this event. Gospel specialise in guiding people to achieve their goals. She is an expert life coach and specialise in: - professional and personal development - positive mental health and wellbeing - money and financial coaching Gospel has been a certified coach for over 10 years.


Hosted by GOE Enterprise Limited

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