From stress to psychosis - how to prevent mental illness

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‘From Stress to Psychosis: how to prevent mental illness’ gives you the answers – and much more...

Over the last two decades, course tutor Ivan Tyrrell has played an influential role in integrating psychotherapy and counselling with the latest findings about brain functioning and human behaviour. On his enlightening course, you will find out how this knowledge – and the many insights derived from it – can be easily applied to improve the mental health of people suffering from a wide range of conditions, including the more serious.

He explains, among other things, what happens to us when the brain is put under stress; why stress is associated with mental illness; why some people experience psychotic episodes and others don’t; what the difference is between being ‘stressed’ – which doesn’t feel good – and being ‘stretched’, which does. And why people on the autistic spectrum experience stress so intensely.

You will also discover what people need to lead mentally and emotionally healthy lives – and what the best type of help is for anyone requiring psychotherapeutic interventions in order to recover quickly from stress overload, depression and anxiety disorders (including PTSD).

And you will learn about a revolutionary new theory – described by some psychiatrists as “the only model on the table that explains the symptoms of schizophrenia” – which throws much-needed light on this distressing illness and explains why it has been virtually eliminated in communities where the correct approach to dealing with early onset of psychosis exists.

The resulting psychotherapeutic human givens guidelines are already improving treatment – bringing important new hope to sufferers and those working with or caring for them.

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