Build your game plan

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Start this course with a current challenge and leave with a game plan on how you want to level up.

In these five weeks, we explore and learn about who your future self can be and the possibilities that lie ahead. My background is in board games and so I use my knowledge of play to create an environment that promotes a learning environment in an enjoyable way.

As a group, we support and encourage each other to achieve our aims. We create a safe space to learn together and as a result, each person experiences changes in areas of their life quicker than they might have done.

By the end of this course, you'll be aware of coaching tools and techniques to support you in understanding yourself and how you interact with the world around you. This supports us to confidently approach our goals and comfortably address our issues.

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Hosted by Nicola Twiston Davies

Nicola is a qualified transformational life coach and uses this space to take you through useful coaching techniques and teach you how to take the learnings forwards. This session is all about Nicola using her knowledge of play and coaching to help you show up as your best self and support yourself in becoming that person you want to be.

Hosted by Nicola Twiston Davies