A masterclass in devising therapeutic metaphors

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18th July 2024, 9.15am - 4.00pm
Open to all

Storytelling and the careful use of therapeutic metaphor are crucial elements of successful counselling and psychotherapy – they help bypass assumptions and rigid thinking to offer a new, broader way of looking at things, awaken innate resources and offer crucial hope – just what struggling children need…

Throughout the day, your tutor Pamela Woodford – a master storyteller and highly experienced psychotherapist – draws on her own case histories, metaphor and story examples as she guides you through the steps involved in ‘thinking on your feet’ and creating a story yourself in the moment. By the end of the day, you will have lots of new, innovative ways to engage with and help distressed children deal with the experiences they have had – whilst also offering them hope, understanding, and new ways of thinking and feeling about life and themselves.

  • Accredited CPD certificate.
  • Recording and notes included.
  • Tutor Q&A.
  • Pay in three interest-free payments with PayPal
  • Enjoy 10% off with discount code LIFE10. 

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Hosted by Human Givens College