Mark Evans EMCC Practioner

Mark Evans EMCC Practioner

Holmfield Consulting Rooms
3 Holmfield Road

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07910 293215

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Holmfield Consulting Rooms
3 Holmfield Road

07910 293215

About me

I followed a well-trodden path into my career as an executive and life coach because it was a coach who turned my life around. I'd been living and working without any real meaning and purpose and he helped me find some. I started as a volunteer for a charity offering respite care for families with children with autism, became a Mental Health Advocate for MIND and then trained as a therapist and coach.

At the risk of sounding clichéd I really do have a passion for supporting people to turn their lives around and to achieve their personal and/or professional goals, be they students at the university I work for, employees at the businesses I am involved with and anyone who comes through my practice door.

Why choose me as your coach?

I trained with the fantastic The Performance Coach and through them gained my European Mentoring & Coaching Council Coaching Practitioner award. The EMCC are one of the principle coaching organisations in both the UK and Europe and only validate the best coaching training.

You can choose me because of my expertise, experience and the broad range of issues I know how to work with.

And you can choose me because of: the strong belief I have in myself and my approach, the life experiences that have taught me how to achieve change and my supportive, collaborative approach that puts clients at the heart of their coaching. If you visit my website you'll see what my clients say about me, too.

You might also want to consider me for my fees policy: Pay What You Want for the first three sessions

Every coach feels passionately about their profession and what it can do for people, however, in my personal experience as a client and professional experience as a coach too many people leave their coaching dissatisfied and financially worse off. For money to change hands when coaching leaves someone either in the same position or even worse off is, for me, hard to accept.

My business - Conversations With Impact - exists as a challenge to coaching services where money changes hands whether a difference is made or not. At CWI I make you the following offer: for the first three appts, the crucial period when an effective coaching relationship is or is not formed, only pay what you feel my support has been worth to you.

If you leave no further forward or even dissatisfied then you could choose to pay nothing. If you have a positive experience then you can judge how much you want to hand over.

Work hard for you from the beginning

I need to earn a living so clearly will work hard to provide you with a positive experience - from the very beginning. If you are still with me by session four then I'll assume a positive working relationship has been established and my standard fees apply from then on. As an experienced coach I feel confident that I will help you, but if I don't, you have the added comfort of knowing you don't have to lose out financially.

Personalised coaching, not a one-size-fits-all approach

I make you the boss in our sessions, which means from the first session you get to shape our work together in a way that suits you - not me. In other words I don't offer a one-size-fits-all approach but will work collaboratively with you to find the combination of approaches that are right, understandable and appropriate for you.

And because you're the boss you get to offer me feedback throughout our time together so that: I know what is or isn't working, whether we are on track or not and what I need to do more or less of to ensure you get what you came into coaching for.

I will not bog you down with theory or jargon.

Modern, up-to-date coaching

Whether I work with you on tackling and overcoming stress or anxiety, lifestyle or work issues or managing change and transition, my approach is based on modern, up-to-date and effective ideas, knowledge, strategies and techniques.

Training, qualifications & experience

As a coach I trained with The Performance Coach and I am a European Mentoring & Coaching Council Accredited Practitioner. I also belong to the EMCC UK Academic Members Forum which promotes the use of coaching in Higher Education.

In addition to running CWI, I work as a student therapist and coach in Higher Education and as an executive coach working in business. I have also worked as a therapist and coach in the Employee Assistance Industry, providing therapy and coaching to employees and consultancy to employers.

I have been in practise as both a therapist and coach for twelve years. My original training is in The Human Givens Approach, a versatile approach with applications across coaching, business, education, therapy and many other areas of society. The Human Givens Approach combines its own ideas with other effective forms of therapy such as CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, metaphor & storytelling.

In addition to the EMCC, I am Accredited with the Human Givens Institute and the National Counselling Society. I am on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Registers for both the Human Givens Institute and the National Counselling Society.

Before training as a therapist and coach I worked as a Mental Health Advocate for the mental health charity MIND and prior to that in business for The Telegraph Group as a Strategic Planner in advertising and marketing.

N.B. I work with young people 18+

Other areas of coaching I deal with

I am also an experienced therapist as well as a coach. Today, many coaching clients are bringing issues that not so long ago would have been dealt with by a therapist. Combining the two disciplines means I can work effectively with difficult emotions and life changes, while also being able to move people on.

As a student counsellor in Higher Education I have extensive experience in supporting both undergraduate and postgraduate students throughout their time at university.

My experiences in education, business and private practice have given me many opportunities to work with both young people (18+yrs) and adults presenting with attachment disorders and family problems, eating disorders, specific learning difficulties, disability and sexuality.

My experience as a therapist and coach in business/industry means I also have a good understanding of many work-based issues and concerns.

I am happy to work and share what I know with people, but will also be clear where my training and experience is limited. If I can't help I will be clear about this and do my very best to signpost you to a service that can.


£60 per coaching session

Further information

Leicester, LE2 1SD

Type of session

Online life coaching: No
Telephone life coaching: No
Face to face life coaching: Yes

Practical details

Sign language: Unspecified
Other languages: None


Mon, Tues & Thurs evenings (first appt starts 5:45, last appt starts 6:45pm) and alternate Saturdays (first appt 8:15am, last starts 12:45pm)

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