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Bradley Tyack - Roughly Inc Coaching.

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North Somerset

07778 810361

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North Somerset

07778 810361

About me

Life & Emotional Management Coach

“The best definition of success that I've ever heard, is that Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” Earl

"Brad had a great way of using his NLP skills to help me feel at ease and relaxed in his company, enough to open up about the root causes of behavioural patterns I had that were getting in the way of my progress in life. He also used some great practical techniques to enable me to release my true goals that I will benefit from focusing on. I would highly recommend Brad to anyone looking to move on from feeling a little stuck or lacking in direction as his approach is fast acting, professional and effective." - Rebecca Vials Testimonial.

HOW is anything really successfully achieved? Honesty, Open Mindedness & Willingness. That's How!”

- Drugs/Alcohol/Addiction and Patterns of Obsessive Thought.
- Procrastination, Limiting Beliefs, No motivation, Uncertainty and just plain fear.
- Communication Problems, Social awkwardness, feeling like I don't fit in and Isolation.
- Planned to be somewhere other than where I am in my life currently and just not there!

All of these could have been used at one stage to describe me or my state of being at any specific point along the timeline of my life so far, the list of presenting challenges extending ad infinitum, having experienced, dealt with and sometimes managing daily all of these symptoms by daring to figure out, confront, challenge and heal the root causes deep within myself has brought me to the point of being able to help add value to fellow sufferers of the human condition.

Having in my life taken part in a variety of professional endeavors from troubled teen & telephone technician apprentice right the way through to troubled adult, labourer, waiter Media & Broadcasting personality, Restaurant owner, Skills development project creator & facilitator, NGO board volunteer & Now Life Coach/Trainer/Hypnotherapist & Master NLP practitioner.The effort that stands out most for me, the one that most shaped who I am and what I do today, as to date the most challenging and validates what I do on a daily basis, was my 20 years of drug and alcohol suffering.

This all led to my search for more, a way to clean up my life, manage the turmoil, mend broken relationships and create and nurture new meaningful ones, turn it around and find a direction, purpose for being and mission.

I bring my experience and learning in all of these challenges and fields of endeavour and how I came to face and manage them, to what I do on a daily basis, my certifications allow to me practice and facilitate in a safe, experienced, knowledgeable manner, the rest is what I feel qualifies me to offer what I can at the level of highest positive intention and purpose. From me you can expect a no frills down to earth straight forward approach, honesty, compassion and empathy, to be challenged, guided, nurtured and allowed discover and rediscover yourself and heal appropriately.

Emotional Intelligence, commonly abbreviated as EI (or EQ), is best defined as our capacity to perceive, express, understand and manage our own emotions and the emotions of others in an effective and appropriate manner, both in the workplace and in our personal lives.”

Training, qualifications & experience

  • MOE (Ministry of Entrepreneurship) Life coach trainer.
  • MOE Certified Life Coach.
  • Certified Hypnotherapist.
  • Certified Master NLP Practitioner

I could write down every available cliché regarding life coaching and nlp for you to read that is available, I could offer textbook and dictionary definitions of all of the above as well as a myriad of examples of attempts to present these differently, uniquely, but somehow all saying the same thing and then again maybe nothing at all.

Knowing that you have everything you need available to you to discover, process and understand information accordingly to the best of your ability, (including google) what I will do is give you a rough synopsis of what they mean to me and how I seek to incorporate each of these tools in facilitation. I will leave the rest up to you.

Life Coaching in my world is largely based on the principal of self directed learning, which quite simply means that I believe that every individual is naturally, creative, resourceful and whole with the necessary requirement to achieve and overcome whatever it is that is proving difficult and challenging for you. My coaching process addresses specific personal projects, desires, business successes, general conditions and transitions in your personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what your obstacles or challenges might be, and with you, choosing a course of action to overcome these and make your life be what you want it to be.

You may have heard of NLP up to this point and know someone or someone who knows someone who has had it help them with something they had come to believe incurable, or someone who has been certified and practices it. For me quite plainly it means being able to help you to realize, embrace, understand and reprogram all those things that make your life, relationships, general ability to succeed and overall happiness a daily struggle regardless of how hard you try.

Other areas of coaching I deal with

Should I not feel comfortable with an area of coaching needed by you, I'll be the first to let you know and refer you to a colleague more suited to your needs.


Complimentary, no risk, no obligation telephonic consultation for everyone!

Unlimited personalized email access pre & post coaching!

  • Life & NLP Emotional Management coaching £120-00 per session “Just for Today” once off 90 min(Should you like to try 1 session then decide to take a package offer, the cost of the single session with will deducted from the coast of the package offering)
  • 3 week “Nearly there” package £255-00 (3 x 1 hour weekly sessions @ £85-00 per session)
  • *** 6 week “Fully Integrated, priority, commitment & accountability package £460-00 (6 x weekly 1 hour sessions = 6 x 10 min check in optional phone calls 3 days after each session = 7 hours @ £65-00 p/h)                                            
  • Remote Skype coaching option available                                                                                                      
  • *** Most Popular option

Further information

Whether its Business coaching, career coaching, personal & leadership development, simply work life balance or you resonate with any of the information above, coaching could be what you need to help you strike that balance make those changes and discover more about whats going on with you.


-I was privileged to be coached and trained by Brad as part of my MOE Coaching Certification, a 6 week coaching course taking place over February-March 2017.
From a coaching perspective, Brad gave me the safe space to think and share my ideas and thoughts. I felt engaged by him and listened to and we built a rapport straight away. I challenged him with complex ideas which he was able to help me understand and unravel to make my goal clear and come up with achievable actions. Brad also coached outside of the course on issues relating to anxiety and insomnia. Brad helped me to approach such issues from a different angle and provided me with some tools to cope and alleviate the problem. It's safe to say I was sleeping better after just one session.
From a training perspective Brad was hands on and taught me key skills in how to coach effectively, with energy and intuition. Brad was assigned to me for my assessment preparation and helped increase my self-confidence in my ability to coach successfully. Brad would always go the extra mile and to him I am thankful for my achievement and will continue to use and develop what I learned under his training.
Brad is an effective communicator, fantastic listener and skilled in coaching; an NLP specialist I would highly recommend. - "Beth Munby."

-Bradley Tyack worked as part of the training team with me on the MOE London course. It was his first course as part of the training team and he was excellent. "Tony Phillips MOE lead trainer"

Clevedon, BS21

Type of session

Online life coaching: Yes
Telephone life coaching: Yes
Face to face life coaching: Yes

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Sign language: No
Other languages: None


Email anytime, Phone Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm, leave a message ill get back to you. Lets set an appointment!

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