Coaching Areas

Business Coaching

Whether you are a business owner, an executive, a manager, an employee or simply a person looking for a new job or career, hiring a business coach to help develop and hone your skills could greatly improve your chances of success. The term 'business...  more about business coaching »

Charity Volunteer Work

Charity volunteer work is essentially the act of donating your spare time and energy for the benefit of an individual, group or the environment without receiving any financial reward. Volunteerism is a freely made choice, and such social responsibility can...  more about charity volunteer work »


Life coaches understand that every family has its problems, whether those problems are as commonplace as not knowing how to deal with a sulky teenager, or as complex and devastating as trying to cope with a betrayal or a separation.   The truth is:...  more about family »


Money plays a huge part in most people’s lives, and although it can’t buy happiness, most people believe it does help towards it to some extent! Being financially secure can reduce the pressure and stress from other areas of an individual’s...  more about finances »


Healthy living, or maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something we all want to achieve. But do we really know what it is? Generally it refers to the practises we use to improve or support our good health. If a person has a healthy lifestyle, it implies they...  more about health »


What's the worth of a life with no fun, joy or sense of fulfilment? Sometimes the daily routine can start to drag, leading to feelings of boredom and unhappiness. When we get lost in work, money, family and relationship issues, we can very easily forget about...  more about hobbies »

Moving Abroad

Every week 2,000 people leave Britain permanently in search of new lives abroad. The lure of new cultures, new people, beautiful locations and better job opportunities means over 5.5 million British people currently live overseas. That's an amazing one in...  more about moving abroad »

Personal Development

Personal development is a form of coaching that focuses entirely on the self. It aims to assess and evaluate an individual's current strengths and weaknesses in order to improve any aspect of their life that they wish to address. At a personal development...  more about personal development »

Redundancy Coaching

Being made redundant, or facing redundancy can be an extremely difficult time for you and your family. Not knowing what the future holds following the end of your employment is a worrying prospect, but there is support and assistance available in the form of...  more about redundancy coaching »


Relationships are perhaps the most important part of our lives, and can bring much meaning and happiness. When we reach the end of our lives and look back, it’s usually the connections we formed with others that we define our lives with. They can...  more about relationships »


The retirement age of today is extremely different to that of past decades. With life expectancies increasing year upon year and the cost of living going up and up, we could expect to live for another few decades post retirement, making planning for it...  more about retirement »


Spirituality, wellbeing and spiritual development will mean different things for different people. Generally, the term spirituality refers to an individual’s sense of meaning and purpose, e.g. lots of people will ask questions at some point in their...  more about spirituality »


Sport plays an incredibly important role in modern British life. As well as boosting the economy by billions every year, sport also encourages community spirit, gives players and spectators a greater sense of purpose, teaches young people fundamental life...  more about sports »


When people travel to new places around the world, they go to discover extraordinary sights, to encounter new cultures, to meet interesting people and to gain a greater insight into a world that exists beyond their own lives. Travelling could help you become...  more about travel »

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