Neurodiverse tips and hints - journaling, time, uncertainty

For neurodiverse people, the world seems a little different. These differences are what make neurodiverse people fantastic entrepreneurs, brilliantly creative and fantastic problem solvers. These are traits, I believe, we should celebrate!


However, neurodiverse people can also find the world a difficult place to navigate. Skills such as focus, time management and emotional regulation are tested on a daily basis, as they try to fit into a world that doesn't accommodate them. That is why, as a neurodiverse life coach, I aim to make these difficulties easier by using individuals' strengths, and tried and tested tips and tricks.

The following are a number of hints and tips that can be used every day to help you, whether it's to do with uncertainty (comfort zone versus uncomfortable zone), learning how to journal and not look in horror at the blank page, and how to be productive and not get as distracted by your phone.

1. Learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable

No one likes uncertainty! But for neurodiverse people, uncertainty can be massively overwhelming. This sense of overwhelm can lead to impulsiveness, anger and frustration. But, there are ways to deal with the uncertainty that we can implement in our day to day lives.

One of my favourite tips is to be OK with uncertainty. This is often overlooked but vital. If you can learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, you’ll learn more about yourself than you ever could have imagined.

2. Communicate your feelings

Communicate your feelings with a trusted friend or family member. Overwhelm due to uncertainty often feels all-encompassing because it is in our heads. Vocalising our thoughts, fears and worries or writing them down on paper can help us gain some perspective and understand our feelings without spiralling into an overly emotional state.

Journalling doesn’t have to be an academic practice. Hear me out… Starting to journal can be difficult - especially if you have ADHD. But I think if we simplify it, we can access some amazing thoughts that are currently locked away in our brains.

Think of it this way, when you journal, you are writing down your thoughts on paper so they can be easier to understand and less overwhelming for our minds. We are not under pressure to create the next War and Peace for five minutes each day.

Often, the worst and hardest part for most people is the fear of the blank page. You know the one, it just stares at you. So, instead, I like to write the date - it sounds simple but it takes away the power from the blank page. I would also recommend googling some journal prompts and writing them out in advance to get you started.

You’re writing your thoughts to help your brain - nothing more, nothing less. Don’t overcomplicate it. You‘ve got this!

3. Set a timer

Here’s another productivity tip you can implement today! If you struggle to stay on task and find your attention is constantly flitting from one task or thought to another, then I recommend setting a timer.

Setting a timer for 50 minutes to complete a task can help us stay focused on one thing at a time. When the timer rings, you have 10 minutes to move around, make a cup of tea, do some stretching, read - whatever you wish to do.

Then set another goal and start the timer again. This goal could be to clean the living room, work on your side projects, exercise, write thank you notes, plan an event, journal… whatever is going to help you live a more fulfilled, happier and calmer life.

So, which tip resonates with you and which one switches you off?

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