Somatic coaching with Judith DeLozier (online course)

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This online course provides a comprehensive and professional way to access somatic coaching which will boost your coaching ability and positively impact your clients.

Our bodies not only express our mental, emotional and spiritual states to a coach, but also to ourselves. Somatic coaching in essence, ‘teaches’ the client to notice these powerful signals and also provides proven techniques to make positive change. 

Somatic change work has gained popularity in recent years and Judith DeLozier is one of the original creators in the field. Since the early 1970s, Judith’s work grew independently alongside other practitioners such as Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing.

The majority of this course is structured upon six coaching sessions with the same client. It maps their journey from the first session that covers a preparation process in Part 1. The next four following sessions are building somatic resources, until the final one where these resources are used to help heal the client to make positive change. Lastly, Judy guides a client through the Dancing SCORE process (created by Judith and Robert Dilts).

The course consists of live coaching video sessions of Judith guiding clients with PowerPoint-style bullet points embedded in the videos so you can follow the process in real-time and contrast them to the manual. 

This course is entirely self-paced so you can fit it in around your own personal schedule. Plus, as a member of the Life Coach Directory, you get 25% off your purchase with code LCD25 - simply enter the code into the promotional field at check out.

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