Break free from repeating relationship mistakes

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Is this you?

  • You find yourself in the same painful dynamic again and again.
  • Nothing you have done before seems to have changed things and got to the root cause of your problem.
  • You think you have chosen someone totally different to the kind of person you were in a relationship before with and yet you discover they are pretty much the same!
  • You are beginning to feel that the real loving committed relationship you truly want will always be out of your reach.

Well, it won't be... so much is possible when you learn about why.

On this course you will learn:

  • what all the different attachment styles are
  • how to recognise them in both yourself and who you choose
  • how to make better choices
  • how to connect and communicate your needs and manage your partners without conflict and disconnect
  • how to self soothe and what self-care really is
  • all about healthy boundaries versa putting up walls
  • how the Bach Flower Remedies can play a really effective role in re-aligning negative patterns
  • how to stop repeating the same mistakes

What you will receive:

  • related information articles
  • my support in answering your questions about your own particular
  • a whole new perspective that really works and makes a difference
  • 10% discount on ongoing therapy and emotional coaching consultations

If your last relationship ended painfully or if you are in one and you find yourself doing the same things again and again and wonder why and you want to change things, then this course is for you.

As a therapist who specialises in helping to coach people emotionally, this is something I hear very often.

We often initially think that it was 'their problem'. But, when we keep on finding ourselves with the same dilemma, we begin to realise that, actually, it is about us, about ourselves, and the stories we tell ourselves.

This course will explain so many things and blow away the myths of past views and the way we approach intimacy.

I will take you through attachment styles and many other aspects of how we relate and why, and, through what will be learned and new awareness, things will really start to change.

The course will run monthly, so you can pick the dates within that month that suit you and your own schedule starting from April. They will be held on weekends, starting at 9:30am on the Saturday on Zoom. There will be breaks and an hour's break for lunch. We will then continue until 5:30pm. We will start again on the Sunday morning in the same way and finish on Sunday at 5:30pm.

Each participant will be able to call me to discuss whatever their queries might be, and also be eligible for a 10% discount on their first five weeks one to one therapy consultation package if a deeper individual journey is required.

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Hosted by Gail Berry

I am an Emotional Coach who specialises in inter-relational dynamics and core wound healing..I also use alongside my coaching and therapy Bach Flower Remedies which re-aligns people’s energy and outgrown repeated patterns of believing and relating with great success many testimonials on my website I practise in London