Advanced somatic coaching with Judith DeLozier (online course)

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Learn transformational somatic coaching and study with one of the originators of the somatic approach and NLP,  Judith DeLozier, on our Advanced Somatic Coaching course. 

This programme adds to our somatic coaching programme with three powerful advanced processes using the somatic principles.

Somatic coaching is a way of utilising both the movements and words of a client within a coaching session. It also provides an alternative way to bring about change by ‘teaching’ a client to understand the significance and structure of their movements. Once a client grasps how their movements also express their needs, wants and fears a range of techniques to bring about lasting change can be implemented.

As well as learning the basics of somatic coaching, you will also learn three additional processes. All these processes provide powerful methods to deal with life transition or changes of identity.

When clients face upheaval caused by significant changes (and often natural changes) as their roles change, having powerful processes to help a client adapt and evolve to face their new life can be pivotal. Each of these processes can be used, as both a life or business coach, to help clients take life’s next ‘big step’.

Tracking Transitions: This process is based on Judy modelling the transition process detailed in Carol Pearson’s book, Awakening the Heroes Within. The core principle is the idea that archetypes represent a natural progression of learning and change. By combining archetype psychology with somatic syntax, Judy has created an elegant and surprisingly powerful way to bring about transformational change.

The Hero’s Journey: The process of human transformation has a narrative structure, which is a feature of human civilisation over millennia. Robert Dilts created the Hero's Journey process by using the principles of archetypal myths and stories from Joseph Campbell’s classic work, A Hero with a Thousand Faces Published in 1949. Judy adds her take of this classic NLP Process.

The Identity Matrix was created by Robert Dilts; Judy has added somatic syntax to further enhance the process. From the perspective of the Dilts’ Logical Levels, this process is in the ‘grey area’ between beliefs and identity: beliefs about identity.

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