About us

At Salus Academy, we believe that everyone has the ability to achieve mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing but that often our past experiences and current challenges block us.

That's why we are dedicated to training individuals in the art of therapeutic NLP and Hypnotherapy to enable them to become professional therapists helping people achieve lasting wellness in their lives.

We help you to use and integrate NLP, Hypnotherapy and other forms of change work.

Founded on the passion of Peggy Guglielmino, Salus Academy is not just about providing great training – it's about providing a philosophy of learning and discovery that ensure you become a confident practitioner.

Unlike most NLP training schools, we don't just teach you the theory and leave you floundering with the practice. We walk with you every step of the way through training, supervision and real-life practice work.

Our aim is that you become a confident, competent, successful therapist enabling lasting change for all your clients.

Highgate Holistic Clinic, 253 Archway Road, London, Greater London, N6 5BS

Opening hours

9am - 8pm