How to use your time wisely during the coronavirus outbreak

Before we start, we want to highlight that this is a truly unusual, unprecedented and difficult time. There are no blueprints for this and there is no right or wrong when it comes to our feelings. 

If you’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster with your emotions, we are right there with you. Here at Life Coach Directory, we’re checking in with each other regularly; one day there may be tears and worry, another day there are laughs and jubilation.

Suffice to say, if you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, that’s OK. If you need to spend any extra time you have resting, that’s OK.

Please do what you need to do right now, whether that’s binge-watching Netflix, or making a new business plan. Here we want to shine a light on some different ways you can make the most of any extra time you have right now, depending on your circumstances.

“I’m overwhelmed and don’t know what to do.”

If the idea of doing anything right now feels too much, you’re not alone. Being overwhelmed can often make us feel paralysed. To start taking gentle steps out of overwhelm, try the following ideas. 

Make a list of your worries. For each one ask yourself ‘what can I do about it?’ and then, ‘what can’t I do about it?’. For those you can do something about, make a plan. For those you can’t? Try to breathe and let it go.

Start a mindfulness practice. This could be meditation (the Headspace app has a great section on weathering the storm), mindful movement (we love Yoga with Adriene) or journaling (the positive planner is a great one to get started with).

Find some escapism. Lose yourself in film and TV, get through your to-be-read pile, start playing a video game. Let yourself be distracted for a while and up your self-care. 

“I had to cancel all my upcoming social events and feel at a loose end.”

Whether you’ve had to cancel holiday plans or your usual coffee and catch-up with a friend, a lot of us are finding ourselves at loose ends right now. With no social plans on the horizon, it’s time to get creative.

Plan some remote events. Take your social life online using video calls and set up some get-togethers without actually getting together. Try running a pub quiz with friends on FaceTime or set up a virtual coffee morning meet-up with family. 

Learn something new. Take this opportunity for a little personal development. Always wanted to learn another language? Download the Duolingo app and get started today. Always fancied knitting, but never had the time before? Order some supplies, watch YouTube tutorials and see what you can create.

Help others. If you have the capacity to do so, see if there is anything you can do to help those more vulnerable. This could be offering to pick up food for your elderly neighbour or donating to a local food bank.

“I can’t continue running my business as it was and need to pivot.”

If your business has been affected by the pandemic, now may be the time for you to consider ways you can adjust and pivot to keep things going during this tricky time. This may feel like a big task, but it offers you an opportunity to think outside the box.

Take stock and ask yourself what’s going well. When we run a business, it’s easy to get stuck in the day-to-day running of it. While not ideal, this may be a good time for you to review your business and think big-picture about the future.  

What can you take online? A lot of businesses are pivoting to offer their services/products online so people can continue to access them. Think about your business and which elements you could move online. For example, if you usually do in-person workshops, could you host them online for now?

What new online/remote services can you create right now? As well as taking existing products/services online, now is a great time to consider new offerings. Think about what your customers need right now and consider what you could offer to fulfil that need. 

“I’ve been made redundant and need to think about a new career direction.”

This is sadly the reality for many right now. If you’ve been made redundant, allow yourself the space and time you need to grieve. When you’re ready, start doing the following to get yourself back out there. 

Reframe your challenge as an opportunity. Yes, this may come across as slightly annoying advice at first, but trying to shift into a positive mindset will do wonders for your productivity. Try to see this as an opportunity to think about the direction you’re heading in and what changes you’d like to make to get there. 

Reach out to those in the industry you want to go in. Whether it’s the same industry you were in or a brand new one, try to speak to those in it. Reach out to old contacts or search for new ones. Book in some video calls and see what contacts you can make to move forward. 

Consider how you can make your CV stand out. Spend some time thinking about what you can do now to make you even more hireable in the future. Is there anything extra you could be doing while looking for work that would reflect well on your CV, such as writing for publications, starting your own blog or doing some voluntary work? Now is also a great time to give your LinkedIn profile some love.  

We hope these pointers can give you some options and help you get through this tricky time. If you’re feeling in need of some support and are considering coaching, remember lots of our coaches offer remote support. Use our online and telephone search to find someone you resonate with. 

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Written by Kat Nicholls
Kat is a Senior Writer for Life Coach Directory and Happiful magazine.
Written by Kat Nicholls
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