You're Fabulous and over 40!

I really don’t want to exclude anyone but yes you are fabulous and you're a woman over 40!!

Being over 40 can be fantastic. Honest! It’s a time in your life when you’ve made enough mistakes to learn something, you’ve lived in your skin long enough to understand something about yourself and how you tick. You’ve been peacemaker, problem solver and a shoulder to cry on for far too many names to mention and perhaps produced some wonderful kids OR not had your own but been an inspiration to someone else’s. That’s just the start of it and now it’s your turn!

I want to celebrate the wonder of being a woman. I want to help women see their potential and how the years can make them not only beautiful but intelligent and feminine. From getting more body confident, managing weight and body issues to re discovering their femininity and letting go of the ‘age issues’, it’s only numbers after all.

I’ve slipped off my therapy hat and developed Coaching for women just like you. It’s aimed at the woman who tells me she’s ready to give to herself now, want’s to change direction in life and has perhaps gained weight and lost confidence. Maybe the career has taken over your life and you’ve somehow mislaid ‘YOU’ on the way. Pre and post Menopause can bring about feelings of the loss of femininity and sexuality, it doesn’t have to be this way and you can love your years by becoming the woman you were destined to be.

Do you want to discover how fantastic you can be?
Do you want to let go, stop dieting and start really living?
Do you want to love your years?

What can you do to kick start the new you:

Give your wardrobe a once over –include a trusted friend maybe

Start a new make up bag – throw out the black eye liner!

Make new friends

Find a hobby

Learn to dance

Stop dieting

Get a full length mirror –stops you cutting yourself off at the neck or waist – often a trouble spot

Change your hair style or colour

Get into nature, a good walk is great for the mind and the body and it's easy!

Write a book

Ditch the magazines that are crammed full of airbrushed images and get practical poultry or country life instead

Write for a magazine

Get some hens for your garden to go with your magazine – perhaps some ex bats from BHWT to give something back and keep you outdoors and fit!

Turn the breakfast and daytime TV off and get on the move

Try a new radio station

If nothing else I hope this makes you think about how you feel about your age and your outlook. If you think numbers and your heart sinks, it doesn’t have to be this way.

Is it time to love your years?

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Written by Jayne Cox LCHDip MISMAuk

Jayne Cox is a Professional Coach and Stress Management Consultant. Her specialist areas include Stress, Unlocking Potential and Confidence Coaching. She encourages Women 40+ to feel visible and fulfilled. She is a great believer in looking after mental fitness and created MindFit. Working with compassion she achieves great results.… Read more

Written by Jayne Cox LCHDip MISMAuk

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