Your Rules!

Is it time to review your Rules structure? 

How and what is it that has two people talk to the same person or witness the same event, and have different feelings, perceptions and beliefs about the person or event?  What is it that makes people fight, whether in their family or community or between religious groups or nations?  How do we evaluate whether or not we are good at something or know if we have failed or succeeded? 

Answer = Rules!

So what do we mean by Rules?  Here's a quick exercise:

Write down all the things that must happen for you to feel loved? 

Write down what someone would have to do to make you feel disrespected? 

All the answers that you have put down relate in some way to your rules for feeling loved or disrespected.  Ask a good friend or partner to complete the same exercise and review the differences.

The level of joy and happiness that you choose to feel in your life is a direct result of the rules you create for yourself.  If you created these rules – guess what?  You can change, amend or completely rewrite your rules!  You can take responsibility and control of your life.

I’m sure today that you have uncovered some of those rules and maybe even found some of them don’t serve you or help you to feel good on a consistent basis. If you’re like me and you want to feel GREAT!! Then start to set up your life so that you can win.

Create new rules to live by and make it difficult to have a bad day and make it easy to have a good one!

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