Your life is a work in progress - 5 steps to creating the life you want

Our quality of life depends on us- how we think, how we act and how we respond to situations. We make our own life’s choices and thus we nourish our own flame within. How we choose to nourish our flame is down to personal choice and our own likes and preferences within life itself. We can walk one road or another- all is within our own choosing. All flames start with a single spark and all flames have the ability to grow into something bigger given the right fuel and conditions for growth. Our lives can be likened to a fire. They need to be fed with fuel to grow.

The Spark

Before we can build a fire we need an initial spark to ignite it. By bringing two stones together and allowing them to interact in a single moment we can create a spark. That tiny spark may then be taken to make a much large fire.

You are energy and anything that inspires you is energy also. By bringing both yourself and inspiration together there becomes an energy clash. Life itself brought the energy of you and the energy of the inspiration together to create the clash. Once we have a clash of energy we have a spark to work with.

Once an artist saw a painting that gave him further inspiration to create a three dimensional piece called a mobile. Mondrian was the artist of the painting and Calder was the artist of the three dimensional piece. Hey presto! We had the very first mobile and an artistic genius. We have many musical geniuses also and once a musician called Brahms heard a piece of music by Schumann that inspired him to create "Variations on a Theme by Schumann". Always there is the spark that takes the mind and creative juices forward.

For that initial spark to be created it requires openness for that spontaneous moment to occur. The mind with all its rigid training may well stifle the creation of the spark by the power of its pre- conceptions. Innovative thought cannot burgeon in such a restrictive and controlled environment. We must be open, and freely search for possibilities of spontaneous inspiration.

The Flame

From the spark, fuel and air are required if it is to become a flame. The fuel is within each person, each person is the fuel and the air is the means by which the world is viewed. So, if you are an artist you are visual and if you are a musician you are auditory and these are the primary filters by which you will view the world.

Of course we all have many filters and use them all in varying degrees but we do lean towards one or the other more depending on whether we are a seeing person a hearing person or a physical person.

When you are inspired, your reaction is to express that inspiration by creating through your personal predisposition and strength. This is the vehicle by which the spark becomes a flame.

The Fire

With each individual event of creation the fire is fuelled. An intense momentum occurs. If left too long between these inspirational events, the single flame weakens and may even die.

But if inspiration is sought out continually, that spontaneous moment of inspiration will happen more and more frequently.  The flame will grow stronger and the development of the fire will become an inevitable furnace of inspirational creativity. The Flame will be nourished and will grow.


So what of you, the fuel? Whatever was fuelled by this process was there to teach you. It was there to help you grow as a unique individual. This growth will take you further- it will be the catalyst for your next creation.

The process can only transform you. You can only grow from it.  A life is created by work and effort as is skill itself and any work of art. All three require effort. The reward to you for effort is refinement, greater skill, more alive and you becoming more alight to life.


With each new creation, you are created anew. You are endlessly evolving and growing daily with your own effort. You are an active participant in your own life. Do not under- estimate the role you play and the power you exert on your own journey towards greatness. Nourish the flame within and enjoy your own warmth.

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