You did something great last week. You remember don't you?

Five minutes and five simple steps to record how great you really are.

When the unexpected happens and shakes our confidence, the simple steps below will give you something to regain perspective and strength.

You may have tried keeping a journal several times but found it unrewarding or a chore. To make things simpler, try keeping a 'success book' if you don't already.

Step 1:

Get yourself a notebook you really like the look and feel of, maybe A5 or smaller, and a nice pen you will enjoy writing with. Keep them somewhere that you find a good place to relax and reflect.

Step 2:

Think about the day and connect with how you feel about it, just think - no writing just yet! Was today a good day? Was it challenging? Was it a day you would like to never repeat?

Step 3:

However the day went, recall all the things that you did well. They don't have to be life changing, many things we do, we take for granted. It could be anything from the list below and more, because when you begin to enter a slump, even the simplest habits or smallest acts can be forgotten:

  • Making a packed lunch for your partner.
  • Finding a solution to a challenge at work.
  • Repairing something in the house (especially if like me, you fear 'destroying it yourself').
  • Buying a Big Issue or some other charitable act.
  • Maybe you stayed hydrated all day.
  • Booking a weekend away, just because.
  • Sticking to daily morning and evening routine (see my previous article).

It could be big things, small things or medium. It could be something that only impacts you or that benefits others. It's your book. If you want to draw little pictures in there or anything else, do it!

Step 4:

Take five minutes once a week, to read the recent successes. Take a deep slow breath, and tell yourself there is very little you cannot do with focus and discipline.

Step 5:

When you have one of 'those' days, flip your success book open to a random page and really connect with the successes. When you feel more grounded, one of your successes that day will be that you kept up the habit of your success book and used it when you really needed it. Well done!

Now what was that brilliant thing you did again?

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