You can change after 30!

Remember Logan’s Run? Once you hit 30 you were taken away and murdered by the state. There was probably a reason for this but it wasn’t because the state was concerned that you had reached your peak and wanted to save you from a life of sameness.

Recently a panel show on the telly mentioned how it was impossible to change habits once you’re past thirty. A quick google revealed this was a thing from last year, based on a theory from 1890, so why a TV show is talking about it now is a mystery.

Whatever the reason, I say rubbish. And the articles from last year admit it’s just harder to change after 30.

The biggest change in me happened when I was 45. I acquired real confidence thanks to the right therapy and then and only then could I really go forth into the world and live.

Not changing after thirty is fine if you’re settled in your life. Congrats. You’re in your thirties and can pretty much expect the same now for the rest of your life. No wonder people have mid-life crises!

With the interesting times we live in, it’s increasingly unlikely you will have to change. Nothing is guaranteed or promised in life.

Do I wish all my changes had happened when I had the energy and youth to enjoy them? Yes. Do I want to stagnate for the rest of the life I’ve got left? No. Change will keep coming for us whether we like it or not.

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