Why should I choose coaching?

Many clients come to me to ask, "How might coaching help me?”, “How is it different to therapy”, “What will it give me that I don’t already have?”, “What will make it worth the investment?”. So I thought I would write a piece on this today to enlighten those who are eager to find out more.


How will coaching help me?

Do you have an internal voice that one day is telling you “You’ve got this,” and the next, “You aren’t good enough/you will never get there!”. Our internal voices speak to us all the time, whether it be with words, pictures, or feelings. And this internal voice has such an impact on the decisions we make. If we are having a bad day, the goals we set out for that day are unlikely to be reached. And we've all had moments where those days become weeks, months and sometimes even years. We push happiness away without realising it.

Coaching provides a space to explore everything that is important to you. It is a safe and confidential space where no judgement is held, where you can speak your mind, share your deepest secrets and wants in life. Your coach is there to truly hear what you are saying - to go beyond words and allow you to sit with your beliefs whether they be positive or limiting; to challenge you to face your inner critic and understand the role it plays in your day to day life.

Coaching is there to help you focus on the present to help you find ways to reach fulfilment and happiness in the future.

Once you have a coach, you will never look back. I certainly haven’t. I get so much from my coaches. They are the reason my business exists today.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Therapy explores the past. The hurt. The traumas. It seeks to recover from these to allow for a more stable present. Coaching focuses on the present - giving you awareness of your habits, beliefs and internal resources with a view to taking action towards reaching a happy fulfilled future.

The great news is your coach has a duty of care and can let you know if any topic explored may not be of a coaching remit and point you towards therapy when and where needed.

What will coaching give me that I don’t already have?

Coaching will give you space to think, be and feel. To acknowledge deeply and fully what you want; where you are in relation to what you want, and what to do to reach your goals. It gives you an opportunity to change a negative mindset into a positive, action-focused mindset.

Many of my clients have gotten more from coaching that they set out to do. For example, I have had many career-driven clients who have come to me with a view to become a better leader for their teams; achieve more through better time management etc. Little did they know, that work allowed them to reach a promotion within six months of finishing their coaching journey. Once you start to make positive change, positive changes continue to happen.

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What makes coaching worth the investment?

Let’s face it: coaching is an investment. A personal investment. For that reason, many feel like it’s a nice to have. It can wait. But for those who are eager to reach fulfilment, happiness, balance - they invest and they reach their dreams (which often have a huge financial recompense). All you need is to feel ready to give your whole self to the process and the return will happen organically from there.

Where do I start with finding the right coach?

For those of you toying with the idea of coaching, I recommend you reach out to a few coaches - get to know how they work and make a decision from there. Most of us offer free discovery sessions. No strings attached. Just an opportunity to see if coaching is for you. So don’t wait - start googling and contact those coaches you are keen to get to know.

You are one step away from reaching your dreams. If you want time with me, message or call me for a powerful discovery session.

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Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7AA
Written by Victoire Mazounie
Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 7AA

I am a life and executive coach and founder of Tomorrow's Daughter - a business dedicated to empowering the lives of women and paving the way to gender balance. While my passion lies within, men get lots from my coaching too.

I am mum to two gorgeous boys and spend my spare time baking cakes and eating them of course.

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