Why is self confidence and self belief so important?

We are the hero in our life and so it's important to know what we want and where we want to go in our life. It's all about being motivated by what we do. Know what we are good at and give up trying to be perfect and instead strive for excellence. 

Courage is saying to fear "get the hell out of the way, I got things to be getting on with."

We must never doubt that we have the ability to act in the face of uncertainty and the more confidence we have the more willing we are to put ourselves on the line even without having all the answers.

Confidence is about focusing our energy  and acting decisively and procrastination is the opposite and when we let things pile up, we feel overwhelmed and then we get stuck.  This all eats into our confidence, so we have to remember procrastination and perfectionism are both time wasters. 

We must take each day as it comes, and always ensure we surround ourselves with people who champion us, as we emulate those we associate with. Do not waste energy or time  with those who are negative, drama queens or jealous and undermine your confidence.

We must always stand up for ourself, be assertive, and have self belief that everything will work out in the end. 

Its crucial to never underestimate the power of the spoken word or the power of thought.  If we want positive outcomes, we need to speak and think positively and expect good things to come to us.

Blaming others is not a good look, we need to give that up as that's not helpful. All successful people take responsibility for their choices and actions. They do whatever it takes to bring about changes. They don't expect others to bale them out. So we need to switch our attention from what has gone wrong to finding a solution. Two indicators to self confidence are heightened self awareness and open mindedness.  

When we have confidence we have the ability to stay positive even when things appear to be going wrong and we encounter obstacles. We accept we are perfectly imperfect, we have self belief in the face of uncertainty and we stretch ourself and have a purpose for our life. We see the bigger picture and we have a willingness to take risks, and we have a calm, focused approach to life and respect for others along with self respect.
We know action is the key, we have humility and we don't need to be right or put others down, we aim for a win - win situation with everyone and enjoy equal relationships. We don't allow anyone to talk over us or down to us or at us. We are assertive, not aggressive and we ask for what we want and need.

So, are you ready to get out and strut your stuff? 

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