Why did I do that? - Extract

This is the title of my e-book, which is now available in Kindle format from: http://bit.ly/whydididothatkindle

Below is an extract from the e-book. I request that you read it only. No portion of the text may be used without permission from the author.

Why did I do that?


"Have you ever asked yourself the question, "Why did I do that?" or “Why did I feel that?”. For instance, have you been in situations where you have lost your temper and said things in the heat of the moment that you later wish you hadn’t? Or where you have felt fearful or highly anxious at the thought of attending your doctor or dentist appointment, or travelling on an underground tube train or a plane, but afterwards wondered what all the fuss was about? Have you ever waited to give a presentation for which you were thoroughly prepared, yet, still felt a sense of sheer panic rise within you? If you have, to any of these examples and countless more besides, then this book may offer you a helpful explanation.

In it I explain, in layman's terms, what I believe is going on within our brain when these kinds of things happen and why we often behave the way we do. What I hope will be just as beneficial, is to share advice about what we can do to help avoid responding in such a panic-stricken or out of control way, the next time the situation arises.

At the time of writing some of this book, I had begun the study module: Cognitive Psychology with Derby University, UK and later studied Biological Psychology followed by Developmental Psychology.

The first two modules demonstrated how extraordinarily complex the workings of the brain are when processing information and decision-making. Unquestionably in this book, I have both grossly over-simplified and in fact, wrongly explained (in the case of The Computer – please see Chapter 1 for an explanation of what I refer to as The Computer) the workings of the brain. While I fully acknowledge that the model presented in this book is both a dramatic simplification and further, not how we currently understand the brain to function, I make no apologies for doing that. Such an in-depth study of the brain by Cognitive and Biological Psychologists and especially neuroscientists, is vital to enhance our understanding of the brain and its almost incomprehensible workings.

However, a thorough grasp of what is actually occurring within the brain at a neurological level probably won’t help you when you’re trying to wrestle with why you said what you said to your wife or boss that you now bitterly regret saying! It is therefore a simplistic and inaccurate model that I have presented! But this is, I believe, the book’s strength because it serves as a useful model that can help explain what in the world is going on within our heads and just as importantly, what can be done about it to change."

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To download the Kindle e-book please go to my website: http://bit.ly/stephenlongcoaching 

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Written by Stephen Long Coaching MAC, cert psych, Powerchange GOLD Coach, NLP Practitioner

I love helping people of all ages to free themselves from unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours. I have written an e-book that is now available. It explores people's behaviours and how to overcome them. You can read an extract on my homepage bit.ly/stephenlongcoaching. I am a committed Christian and attend church where I lead worship monthly.… Read more

Written by Stephen Long Coaching MAC, cert psych, Powerchange GOLD Coach, NLP Practitioner

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