Why are you procrastinating?

Resistance is invisible

Many who lack self-belief put things off until the last minute then go into panic and stress and fear. It’s a negative and self-destructive habit. It causes lost opportunities, overwhelmedness, resentment, shame, guilt, anger. It is self-perpetrated. It is our enemy.

Whatever the reason, everybody experiences procrastination so if you are giving yourself a hard time, stop right now. You can’t make changes unless you are aware of what needs to change. Let’s take a look at:

Why are you procrastinating?

Ask yourself if you:

  • Feel wiped out, lethargic and stressed.
  • Have a poor diet, lack of exercise, not enough sleep.
  • Lack the motivation to do what needs doing because your heart isn’t in it.
  • Get a buzz, a hit out of high adrenaline and working under pressure.
  • Suffer from perfectionism, so prefer to not finish what you start so you don’t face the fear of rejection, criticism.
  • Have bad time management skills.
  • Do the unimportant things at the start of the day and leave the important stuff until towards the end of the day when your brain is fried.
  • Are unable to make decisions.
  • Get easily distracted by social media and personal emails and lose focus.
  • Have a fear of failure.
  • Have a fear of success.
  • Don’t spend time breaking the task at hand into baby steps then feel daunted by the size of the task and go into a panic and freeze and end up doing nothing.
  • Lack self-belief and self-confidence.
  • Spend too much time comparing yourself to others and think ‘what’s the point?’  

The first step is to become aware of why you are procrastinating so you can begin to take steps to overcome it.

By implementing strategies; time recording, switching off your phone so you cant check your social medai accounts, setting boundaries around responding to personal emails whilst at work, breaking down the tasks you have into smaller chunks, starting the day completing the most important tasks, not comparing yourself to others, and increasing self-confidence and self-esteem you will greatly reduce the stress associated with feeling behind schedule and stop beating yourself up and put an end to procastiantion.

Get out there, take action and make it happen!

Show up, speak up, have faith, stay positive and kick ass.


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