Who are you?

Considering we’ve spent our whole lives with ourselves, you’d think the answer to “who are you?”  would be there, ready and waiting for airplay. When in fact, given the opportunity to express who we truly are, can surface a real sense of awkwardness and leave us blank minded.

Why? Fear and anxiety of being judged not only by others but ourselves could be behind it. There might be parts of us that we turn our back on and avoid getting familiar with because, we view them as cocooned caterpillars whose status will never reach butterfly!

How would it be, to reach a point where you are confident in who you are and with that be at love and peace with yourself?

Starting points that may help your journey...

Get them down – the 'goodies' and 'badies'

Your traits. For example, here’s a couple of mine: “I’m caring”, “I’m impatient”, there’s no guessing which is which! 

An outside view from people you trust to give constructive and honest responses, can add more dimensions and value to gaining a deeper understanding of yourself.

Flash fry this is not, add things as they come to mind. Is the light and shade of your personality working for you and bringing the best to life? What needs revamping, so that from the inside out you live the best version of you?

Your own company

Make room for it, if not every day, as regularly as possible. Make it time that’s spent quietly, with just you, your thoughts and senses. I know this is easier for some than others, wherever your comfort zone with this lies, I encourage you to find something that you enjoy and that allows for it.

A pro

Life coach, as you can see the choice out there is wide. Explore this to find who best fits you and your needs. Ensure you feel assured and relaxed with whoever you pick to work with. 

Make it fun!

'Nuff said!

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Walton On Thames, Surrey, KT12
Written by Kelley Price, Life Coaching helping you to bring positive change to life
Walton On Thames, Surrey, KT12

My journey to becoming a life coach began before my extensive training through the help and support I’ve provided in my circles over the years. Through experiential and theoretical learning with the Coaching Academy, I've achieved my diploma with merit and remain dedicated to ongoing development so I can best work with my clients.


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All coaches are verified professionals