Where's your voice?

I wonder if an author hears the voices of their characters as they write, does the author give a voice to the character, or does the character dictate to the author?

How often do you listen to your own internal voice?

Often whilst we run around doing our daily tasks, or whilst we consider the options we have in facing a present challenge or embarking on a new journey, we are playing internal radio-stations of other peoples voices in our minds.

“It’ll never work”
“you can’t do it”
“what if you fail, how will we survive?”
“You only think about yourself”.

And those voices are often from your loved ones, never mind your misguided boss.

How often do these voices drown your own voice out? How often do you withdraw from a potentially challenging and empowering situation because someone else’s voice instils fear in your heart? Sometimes it can even be the voice of someone who is no longer in your life.

The unconscious habit of listening to other people’s voices will lead you away from your centre and away from opportunities to grow. This habit will ensure you don’t create a vision for your life which is authentically yours and that will lead to a fulfilling journey in life, remaining a deeply buried dream rather than a journey which sees you grow and give your best to others.

Take time to find your voice. Some find it in the few moments in a day when we are alone, some find it in meditation, others find it in the most challenging part of a long run in the country.

Whenever you’re making a decision, take time and listen. Are the potential challenges really the fearful doubts in others voices, or are they realistic and sensible considerations?

Let your voice guide your decisions, your direction and your appreciation of everything good in your life.

Listen to your voice.

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