What's your love vibration?

Are you single? If so, how are you feeling about the looming Valentine Day this Friday, 14th February? Disempowered, despair, depressed, insecure, scared, angry, sad, alone….

Well, here’s a thought for you. When did you last give yourself a Valentine?

This isn't as strange as it may seem. How can you expect a partner to think more highly of you than you think about yourself?

As anyone who knows True Love will tell you, the more love you give, the more love you receive. This starts an amazing circle of ever increasing love, which makes your eyes shine, your energy level rises and enhances every aspect of your life. The place to start this whole cycle going is with self-love, which means taking time to truly fall in love with yourself. We often mistake self-love for selfishness. Self-love is the ability to look into the mirror and see a person of great potential, acknowledge all of our good points instead of continually focusing on our faults. When we can do this, we can look the world in the eye, give freely and project love outwards towards others.

Many of us are raised in a culture where it’s considered bad to put ourselves first, which can severely limit the love we have to give and our capacity to receive love. If we don’t love ourselves, we may feel that we’re unlovable by someone else. At best, this can make us doubt any expression of love that we receive. At worst, it can make us repel those who want to love us, and that can result in a collapse of a relationship.

Once the issue of self-love has been addresses, everything else just falls into place. The biggest pay off is that it’s a lifelong transformation, where you become truly aware that you can be, do, have whatever you want in your life, and that includes love.

The foundation lays in understanding Abundance versus Lack. In our culture, we have been preached so much lack, we’ve been told there are no good women / men out there or feel we’re not good enough due to other people’s belief systems. It’s from this belief system that all things come forth, hence we experience the reality of attracting men / women, where we are treated less than good enough. Herein lays the importance of starting from within. Taking ownership of what we truly believe about men / women / relationships, and transform our relationship with what we’re attracting into our life by changing our belief system, as it’s from this place change needs to take place, so we can experience a different reality. It truly is if you think you can or your think you can’t, you’re right ~ Henry Ford.

If you look for love feeling un-confident and insecure, that’s what you’ll attract (like attracts like), a partner who’s un-confident and insecure, so, you're right and all you’ll have is two broken people trying to get from each other what the other doesn’t have to give.  Whereas, if you think you can attract a loving supportive partner, you’re right, and you'll know that by what you attract into your life.

Want to start reprogramming your belief system, ask yourself: What is my greatest fear around men/women/relationships?

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