What's the most precious resource on Earth?

Humans, for decades we have mined and drilled the Earth searching for nature’s most valuable assets. We have torn and ripped at the Earth to take possession of gold, diamonds and oil. As a species, we have killed each other and waged countless wars over ownership of these glorious, shimmering elements of nature. But these things are far from the most precious resource on Earth.

Physics - the human ability to understand the universe - tells us and has proven to us the theory of the ‘Big Bang'.The very moment the Universe came into existence. In the milliseconds after the very first moment, all the building blocks of life were present. The story continues to the creation of stars and all the elements. When physicists tell us that we are made from star dust, they mean exactly that. We are a cocktail of natural elements forged from dying stars over billions of years, just like trees, elephants, pandas, ants, eagles, grass, dogs, giraffes, sharks and spiders. Everything you see is made up of the natural elements created from dying stars. The chair you are sat in, to the car you drive to work and the plane you take on holiday, and the beach you sunbath on. The entire planet (and the whole Universe) is made from the natural elements created from dying stars.

How wondrous it is then, that nature has created a creature with a mind so magnificent that it can not only understand itself but also the origin of itself?

Many people will valiantly and quite earnestly declare that we are no better than any other life form and that we are no more important than the rest of the animal kingdom. Firstly, ‘importance’ is another human concept and secondly, the very fact that we can have such ecocentric views and have a discussion about it, undeniably sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and all other known life forms. We can debate this and argue amongst ourselves for all eternity, but we must understand that the very fact that we are debating it proves the very fact that we are the greatest beings in the known Universe. We are capable of remarkable acts of innovation and creativity. So, what is the most precious resource on Earth?

I believe at this moment, it's the human mind! The greatest invention in the known Universe. The very vehicle that enables the Universe to understand itself.

Our minds are the greatest evolutionary creation. Consider it, and as you do, realise that it is your ability ‘to consider it’ that proves the point.

The human mind is the only object in the known Universe capable of understanding the Universe itself - this is our purpose.

Since humans first became conscious we have been on a battle to reach understanding. We are now in a position where we understand our true origin and can accept that we are made from the same elements of all life. The human mind is the pinnacle of evolution and as such it is surely the most precious resource in the known Universe.

Science has shown that the human mind has innate creativity and the ability to learn and solve problems. As such, it stands that all human beings have the potential to create innovative solutions that can solve the challenges we face. It's this unique ability of the human mind that sets humanity apart.

As a coach and therapist, I carry this belief with me and it helps me empower my clients to discover their own innate creativity, so they in turn can find beautiful solutions to their individual challenges.

When you see the world through this lens it takes on a wondrous quality. I urge you to try it whenever you interact with other people. See them as a vehicle transporting a precious cargo held within the protective casing of their skulls.

Try and understand the infinite creative potential held within each one of those beautiful minds. Try and fathom the fact that we have seven billion living breathing vehicles transporting the most precious resource on Earth. I honestly believe that between those seven billion minds we can solve all the challenges we face.

Search your own mind and understand that it is the human mind that created the tragic states we often experience but also the hope we represent.  Which one you choose to focus on is a choice you can make in your own precious mind. 

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