What type of path are you on in your life as a mum? You can be equipped to navigate your path

Walking in an ancient quarry near us recently I was confronted with a series of very different paths.  Steep. Stoney. Steps. Narrow. Twisty. Straight. Familiar. New. It got me thinking about the variety of paths we walk during our lifetime and how important it is to be equipped with the right tools to negotiate each one.

Maybe you are on a difficult path at the moment. You may be coping with grief or illness, lacking confidence or on the verge of overwhelm. You may feel stuck in a never-ending rut or struggling with procrastination. Paths of this nature can be hard to navigate, uninviting, stressful and sometimes out of your control. There may be stones in the way which trip you up and set you back. Your path may be steep and seemingly impossible to climb. 

Does your path have a hand-rail? If so, are you using it, or ignoring the support from which you could benefit? What is getting in the way of accepting offers of help or of helping yourself?

Being equipped with the right tools enables you to negotiate the path you are on. In life, sometimes we need to dig deep, take the time to stop and think, gain clarity or change our perspective. Every now and then we need to take a ‘chill pill’, learn to recharge our batteries ensuring we are functioning well, in order to tackle the specific path we are facing.

Tools to pick up:

  • Mindfulness or meditation – what can you do to help to clear your mind?
  • Exercise – how can you incorporate regular exercise into your week?
  • Sleep – what steps can you take to ensure you’re getting enough?
  • Setting your intentions for the day – can you take a moment at the start of the day to acknowledge what you would like to achieve and how you want to ‘be’ each day?
  • Keeping a gratitude journal – what things can you be grateful for, even on a bad day?
  • Confide in a friend – who can you talk to who will listen carefully to what you have going on?

Are your hands free to pick up the tools you need? Sometimes you may be carrying unhelpful tools. Before you can pick up some useful tools to navigate your path, you may have tools you need to put down. 

Tools to put down:

  • Negative self-talk – how can you replace negative self-talk with positive affirmations
  • Unhelpful relationships – hang out with ‘radiators’ not ‘drains’.
  • Misuse of alcohol or food – what things are you relying on in order to suppress your feelings?
  • Addiction to social media – how can you ensure you are fully present with those around you rather than being distracted?
  • Procrastination – what support do you need to get what needs doing done? 

We need to be emotionally and physically fit to tackle the paths we face. 

As a Life Coach, I’ve worked with many mums who are on difficult paths. They are facing complicated decisions which feel impossible to tackle alone. They have long-term health issues which require vigilant self-care. They are at a crossroads in their lives where they realise they need to bring about change. They are stuck in a rut and appreciate if they don’t do something, nothing will be different in the foreseeable future.

A series of life coaching sessions can be transformational.

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