What is your limit?

When we look at ourselves and our best version, we are all more than likely to undervalue ourselves thinking that, in reality, there is a limit to what we can accomplish.


In other words, although we may have the desire and the will to improve ourselves, yet we decide to be satisfied with little improvements, thinking that what we have achieved is enough or that it is our limit. We may also say, "Who am I to even think of becoming so and so," or "I just don't have the capacity to become the best". So, we set limits and, by so doing, we keep ourselves from achieving greater heights and extraordinary results.

The work I do with them is to find the root of the problem that most of the time lies in the past and in the negative experiences they have had growing up.

I am sure that if we could look around we would find hundreds, if not hundreds of thousands of people who could have been the greatest musician or the fastest athlete in the world, and yet they have settled for less. Now, you can argue that this is ok and that not everyone is set for outstanding achievements.

You may even say, "You have got be content with what you have achieved," or "I am happy where I am". To you, I would say, fair enough, I get your point. But, if everyone would think like this then we wouldn't have anyone to go on the moon, winning a gold medal at the Olympic Games, or completing surgery virtually on the other side of the world.

What is my limit?

Or maybe I should ask, "Is there a limit?"

Before you answer these questions, please consider a few examples of people who were not born with an advantage in life but with a heavy disadvantage instead, and what they were able to accomplish.

Nicolas Vujicic was born with tetra-amelia syndrome, in other words, with the absence of limbs. He inspires millions around the world through his NGO.

Stephen Hawking has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which has gradually paralysed his body over the years. He is a theoretical physicist and cosmologist who has contributed to the theory of black holes.

Now, I will ask the questions again, "What is your limit?" and "Is there a limit?"

I am not sure but I feel that your answer may be slightly different after reading about these two men. Just think that there are hundreds of people who were able to do great things against all odds. 

As a coach, I work with people in self-development, I have seen how people in general set limits to what they can accomplish and find a lot of excuses to justify this behaviour. The work I do with them is to find the root of the problem that most of the time lies in the past and in the negative experiences they have had growing up. Once they identify the cause then they begin working on the effect. The outcome is always a new vision of themselves and a new approach to life and to what they can accomplish. 

Don't wait any longer to discover your identity and your potential. There is so much more than you can do and accomplish in your life. You were born to do extraordinary things if you believe it.

I do! Do you?

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Written by Fabrizio Ricciardi, Life & Executive Coach (ACC)
London W1U & Ealing - London W5

I am a Life and Executive Coach based in London. My aim and passion are to help you to produce the desired change or improvement you are seeking in your personal and professional life, overcome limiting beliefs that may be standing in your way, and find solutions to achieve goals, objectives, and expected outcomes.

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