What is the most powerful source on earth?

It is Mother's Day this week. Children around the country, no matter what age will be acknowledging this day, and celebrating through giving gifts and spending time with their mums.

Are you a mum? It doesn’t matter if you have one child or 10, (yes I have some incredible friends who have ten plus children…) here are some insights into your unbelievable power. As a mother, you possess the incredible power to influence your children. You are the primary role model for your children. They will follow your actions whether you want them to or not. Your daily unconditional love for your children shapes their lives, whether they are aware of it or not. It’s your daily simple actions that shape your children’s future.

The belief that you have in your children has the power to shape their destiny. 

When you give your love to your child unconditionally, you are setting the foundation for your child’s future successful long-term lifelong relationships. The emotional intimacy that you provide for your child is the foundation for their life. This is your power, just by doing what you are doing already, with more intention.

Your children must never feel that they need to 'earn' your love. If they do, then this will leave a void in their heart for their entire lives that will be impossible to ever fill. If your child feels that they don’t deserve your love, then they will look for it in other ways, until they come to peace with their past.

The power of your seemingly small daily actions (read: the daily grind,) has the power to move worlds. As a mother, your day is full of countless seemingly small mundane actions.

You are a housekeeper and a homemaker. Some of your daily actions are part of 'housekeeping' such as cleaning the floors, laundry, washing the toilets to name a few. One way that you make your home is through cooking and nourishing your family. The smell of cooking, no matter how simple the meal, has the power to create calm and security in your home, among your children. The feeling of coming home to the aroma of baking has the ability to calm your children and make them feel secure in your love of them. Anyone can do household chores, not everyone bothers to create a home. This is your power

When you carry out your daily homemaking tasks with intention, you are cultivating emotionally resilient children.

In the modern-day women are encouraged to work and form careers that fulfil them. Let’s go back to basics: The most fulfilling career you can ever have is being a mother. Yes, there is a place for work outside the home, whether for financial reasons or creative fulfilment. That is fine, however, your primary fulfilment as a woman will come from raising your children and creating honest and moral members of society. It’s about forming long-term relationships.

Do you have a child with ADHD?

Are you currently going through the horrendously long and traumatic process of getting your child assessed and diagnosed? Has your ADHD child been suspended again from school due to their behaviour?

Are you at your wits end with your child? Let’s be honest, deep down are you super angry at your child for getting you in this mess? Do you lie awake at night worrying about your child, and you have no idea how to help them? Do you crave family harmony, but your child is slowly tearing you to pieces?

Is your child putting a strain on your relationship with your partner? Are you too overwhelmed to deal with your household chores that seem to pile up and up (together with the dishes and laundry) to the sky?

So many people run from one therapist/doctor to the next, spending so much time and resources, only to find themselves back at square one.

I fell prey to that trap.

The most important lesson that I have learned with my child who has ADHD is this:

I can send them to a thousand therapists, hoping that this time they will be able to 'fix' them, but it will be of no use. The only person who can 'fix' my ADHD child is me!

As the mother, I have the subtle yet profound power to influence my child, even when all hope is lost.

If you want to access your innate power, look after yourself first. As a mum, since you are giving of yourself to your family day in and day out, doing numerous actions to nourish  your family, you first must do whatever you can to look after yourself, and give to yourself what you need, even seemingly small actions, they must be done on a daily basis.

Have a long, hot bath, put on your favourite music and dance around your kitchen with your children. Go for a walk with by yourself and simply be in nature. Have a coffee with a friend. What else can you think of?

You have the power, this is your innate gift as a mother. A coach can show you how you can easily and quickly access your power to help your child reach their version of success.

Are you struggling with your ADHD, or living with a loved one who has ADHD? You don’t need to suffer alone anymore. Studies have found that ADHD coaching really works. As the mother, you are the best person to create long-term success for your child. Are you tapping into your innate power?

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