What is Life Coaching? What does it mean?

These are questions I am often asked when I introduce myself to new people or to people who know me but are not sure what I do in my business!

I explain it is like 'project managing you life' i.e. getting you where you want to be.  How? That's the next question, if I am not quick enough to explain first!

How then - by setting clear goals (not 'I want to be rich', 'I need a job'), but specifically ...how rich and what job?  
There is also the action planning - step by manageable step towards that goal, even before it is crystal clear, you can be working towards it.  And probably are if you are looking at any type of help and support.

Then there is acknowledging the achievements you have made - regular, to date, the impact of those achievements - and perhaps something overlooked, how to celebrate and acknowledge them with personal rewards.   

NLP is part of the life coaching process and tools, and giving your brain the instructions means it will be on the look out for opportunities now it knows what to look for.  The analogy is usually buying a car - then you see the car you like everywhere - a Blue Fiesta for example, because your brain is assessing the decision ready to take action when the opportunity arises. 

Life coaching can literally change your life, once you make the move toward what you want and where you want to be.

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All coaches are verified professionals