What is Career Abundance?

Nowadays, we spend a growing proportion of our time working. More time than ever before, and we want it to count for something. It needs to be more than just a steady job and a decent pay packet. But what are we looking for exactly? And are we crazy for wanting it?

Startling Statistics
Assuming an eight hour day and seven hours of sleep at night, approximately one-third of our waking hours are spent at work.

For many professionals this is probably closer to half our waking hours! Just think about the work we take home in the evening and at the weekends, then add the amount of time spent thinking, or complaining about it! And then when you consider that nowadays, many of us can expect to be working past the age of 70 that’s an awfully huge chunk of your life! Is it any wonder that many of us are asking ourselves some big questions?

So, What IS It All About?

Research shows that for a growing number of professionals, simply having a job and being able to pay the bills just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. We’re fed up with work that fills the shareholders pockets and counts for very little elsewhere.

Of course, most of us want a good income and a reasonably secure job, but even if we had those things, it doesn’t mean we’re going to be happy or feel what we’re doing is worthwhile.

And here’s what’s interesting. Even though losing a job you hate may bring a sharp drop to your income and no guarantees of future work, it’s amazing how relieved and optimistic you can feel after the initial shock of being handed your P45 has passed.

What Do We Want Instead?

Further research shows that we increase our chances dramatically, of creating a career that fulfils us and enhances us if it offers us the chance to:

  • work from our strengths

  • do what we love

  • make a meaningful contribution

  • meet our skills, desires, purpose and resources in plentiful measure

People who succeed in bringing all of these elements together will usually perform better in their jobs; handle work/life stress effectively and lead more balanced, contented and happy lives.

It’s an effect that I call, ‘Career Abundance.’

There are countless assessments out there designed to help you make better life choices. They give you insights about how you interact with your external world and then they slot you into behavioural and personality types, which are supposed to help you adapt to a role or category of organisation.

Come on! Don’t you just want to be you? To be your best, enjoying your career and getting a real sense of satisfaction from the work that you do, and the time you spend doing it?

The idea of a fulfilling career is a very personal construct. It’s about your career (no-one else’s) and it’s very much an inside job.

You’re smart. You can learn how to adapt, skill-up and modify your behaviour.

But the best fit career for you cannot be measured by somebody else’s standards.

This is about YOU – and the type of career that allows YOU to express your brand of uniqueness and creativity, doing the things that you love.

So, How Can You Bring a Little More Abundance into Your Career?

Here are some ideas:

  • Set a big picture intention for your work every week and be mindful of how you stay on track with it.

  • When you feel a surge of frustration, shift your energy and focus onto something that moves you in a positive direction.

  • Sometimes, instead of going with the flow or biting your tongue, go ahead and rattle a few cages. It could be fun and it reminds you that you’re here!

  • Make time every day to do something non-work related that ‘feeds’ you – eg exercise, meditation, bake a cake, read a good book (make sure that book isn’t work related)

  • Think about a time when you were really on fire and making an impact. Remember how good it made you feel? What were you doing and how can you replicate it?

  • Once a week (minimum), reconnect with your life’s dream. Sink into it, and really imagine it’s here already.

  • When you’re still grafting on a thankless work task until way past midnight, ask yourself why? Is this taking you in the direction you want, or is it keeping you stuck in the past?

  • Make someone smile everyday (especially yourself).

Here’s to your Abundant Career!

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