What is a Coach and what results can Coaching deliver?

I would like to clarify exactly what a Life Coach is (or Business Coach too for that matter) and demystify exactly how coaching works.

We all know what a Sports Coach is, and this fantastic definition of a ‘Coach’ actually came from a very distinguished Sports Coach:

“A Coach is someone who gets you to do whatever you do not want to do so you can do what you really want to do."

And similar to Sports Coaches, who do not have to be outstanding sportsmen themselves to able to coach top sportsmen to achieve their best, Life Coaches are not experts on your life; you are. All Coaches, be it Sports or Life, are expert Coaches, i.e. they are expert at coaching you to draw out what is already within you and make it even better. In the case of Life Coaches, this enables you to have the best life you possibly can.

When you partner with a Life Coach, you have two people focusing on one person's issues and so you make more progress and faster progress than you would on your own. In fact my new mantra for the benefits of coaching is to enable you to “do more, more easily” (and please excuse the play on words with my name, it is a coincidence!).

So go on, help yourself by letting a Coach help you.

I have designed this flowchart to easily illustrate the results that Coaching delivers:


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Written by Cara Moore

Cara is a personal executive coach and helps individuals at times of change when they are lacking confidence, perhaps when taking on a new role or a promotion or when they are experiencing personal anxieties, a new stage in life, relationship or career issue.

Cara's gentle, calm, intelligent approach brings warmth and wisdom to make life easier.… Read more

Written by Cara Moore

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