What does it take for us to change?

We are stuck in a situation and feel unable to move forward. Things do not feel right, but it is just too hard to put it into words... we wish we were responding differently towards a person or a situation in our life, but we feel powerless to do so.

What are you afraid of?

Perhaps you are afraid of others and their judgment on what you feel is best for you. You need their acceptance and would do anything for the sake of receiving it.

Or maybe you are afraid of being honest to yourself and accepting yourself for who you truly are or your feelings about the situation you feel stuck in. 

Are you afraid of the past and have you allowed perhaps way too much for it shape the present? Do you keep having the strong belief that, because things did not work then, there is no chance for them to work on this occasion?  

If not, then are you afraid of the future and of what it may bring you? Do you hate the place you are at at the moment and yet, does it still feel more bearable and easier to manage than the future?

In order for a change to occur, you have to be ready to:

Face the fact that something is going wrong

This is the most difficult part and many people don't even get there. Be happy that you are not one of them!

Have the willingness to change

How much do you want this? Do you really, really want it and are you willing to go an extra mile for it?

Be honest with yourself and with who you truly are

Don't blame others or make excuses for why you failed in the past. Your life is yours and the power to choose your responses to it is only in your hands.

Don't be afraid

Of yourself, of others, of your past or the future. Confront your fear and try to understand better where it comes from. Giving meaning to the root of the problem will make it more manageable. 

Accept yourself

For who you are, who you have been and who you will be. 

Take responsibility

For who you are and who you will become after you take the risk to change.

Be patient, consistent and determined

You have just began this journey of self discovery. Great work does not happen overnight, so just don't give up!


As you don't own all the problems in the world and even if you did, don't forget that some of them are in your head.

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