What does a confidence coach do?

Confidence is the key to reaching your goals. Whether you're looking to get your next promotion at work, ask out that cute person you've been eyeing, or prepare for a big meeting, confidence will help you get the results you want. 


A coach is a person who helps you to achieve these goals. They help you overcome any fears or self-doubt to reach your full potential.

Are we all capable of building confidence?

Firstly, I hear constantly people saying, “I am not a confident person.” I believe we can create an unconfident mindset, which has us believing we can't change, and it feels like the truth of the matter internally. But, the great news is we can all rebuild our confidence. It is just by when that differs from person to person.

I believe we are all born with confidence, and then life gets in our way of keeping it. It's not an easy task to be confident about yourself. The more we face life events, the more we lose confidence. Overbearing parents, controlling relationships, abusive bosses, complicated childhoods, violence, bullying, alcohol/drug abuse, deaths, to name a few, all impact our confidence levels, often leaving our supply depleted.

There are many traditional methods that can help us regain our confidence, such as meditation or simply talking to a therapist. But what if you don’t qualify or are not that badly in need of support or want to help yourself? Perhaps you’re a professional and don’t want to be judged? You just want to be confident in public speaking or presenting.

How does the coaching work?

Neuroplasticity is the brain's ability to change, reorganise, and create new neural connections in response to experience. The brain changes structurally when an individual learns a new skill or acquires new knowledge. Neuroplasticity is responsible for the phenomenon of "use it or lose it" - this means that when someone stops using a specific neural pathway, it will atrophy, literally waste away. 

This fantastic "plasticity" is what helps us learn new skills, have new experiences, and adapt to changes in our environment at any age and circumstances.

Knowing this, a coach can help you by asking the right questions, probing questions that help you source your own answers inside yourself, to explore your memories and by teaching you tools that work to enhance your confidence again, which allow you to remember who you are and when you felt confident so you can use those memories to rebuild or create new neural pathways and become confident again.

Sharing new tools

A co-active coach will introduce you to your inner mentor. It is a part of you that motivates you, encourages you, and is always there for support when things get tough with clarity and certainty. 

On the other hand, your inner critic is the negative voice in your head that is always telling you what not to do. It's important to know which one is which so that we can make sure to listen only to the good one!

A coach will help you personify the voices in your head and distinguish which one you want to pay attention to and which one you want to quieten.

Limiting beliefs are the thoughts that make you believe you can't do something. Assuming they cannot be confident is often one of these beliefs. People who have limiting beliefs (most of us) are often unhappy, frustrated, and dissatisfied with our lives. Coaches work with people to help them identify what they believe to be accurate and how that might be limiting themselves by old beliefs that are no longer serving them. Once they realise the truth behind these limiting beliefs, they can take steps toward living a more fulfilling life. 

Are you ready for coaching?

One of the essential elements in confidence-building is being willing to step out of our comfort zone! For example, if we are afraid of public speaking, it's time for us to take a leap and start doing it - even if it's scary! As a coach, we help you learn tools to understand and overcome the fear which lives in most people’s imaginations. 

Holding you accountable

A coach can help by guiding you on how to break out of your comfort zone and explore your world of opportunities. They are there to support you and hold you accountable while you build your confidence so that you can take a leap, try something new, or go after something that has been on your mind for a while.

Confidence is what you need to succeed in your career. People gravitate towards confident people, and confidence enables you to network, sell, and showcase your professional skillsets and experience.

You can join my free 30-day confidence challenge.

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Penzance TR20 & Swansea SA2
Written by Kaidi Bowen, Professional Life & Confidence Coach. PCC CPCC
Penzance TR20 & Swansea SA2

Kaidi is a professionally trained executive coach who helps high achievers to manage their everyday lives to achieve their career goals and manage their work-life balance. Clients achieve fulfilment and happiness as a result.
She is a facilitator for Tara Mohr's 'Playing Big' sharing tools, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs through their career.

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All coaches are verified professionals

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