What do you want in 2017?

As you go into the New Year, it's really tempting to make a load of bold resolutions and set some major new goals. But before you do, I think it's extremely important to look over the past year - what you've achieved, what you haven't, what you've learnt. Once you have taken the time to reflect and record, you will then be in a much more informed place to decide what you want for you and your life, in the next year ahead.

So, I would like to share with you an exercise I give to all of my clients - enjoy!

Completing 2016 - entering 2017 exercise

1) What were my top 10 joys, celebrations, milestones and successes in 2016?

2) What were my frustrations and disappointments?

3) What do I need to let go of / forgive myself for, that’s hanging over from this year?

4) What did I learn?

5) If this year was a chapter in the book of my life what was it called?

Use the lessons learned to create a compelling and exciting vision for 2017…

1) How will I enrich my life and my family this year? How can I make my relationships richer, more fun, more intimate and more loving?

2) What am I tolerating that I'd like to change or eliminate in my daily routine this year?

3) What joys and ordinary pleasures will I add to my schedule, starting today?

4) What financial goals do I have for 2017?

5) What will I do to maintain my health? What am I committed to for fitness, for vitality and wellness?

6) If my life is a book what is the next chapter called?

7) What is something I would do this year if I didn't care a damn about what other people thought of me?

8) If I could do only one big project in my lifetime, what would it be?  

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Written by Sue Belton, Leadership & Career Coach, PgD, CPCC, PCC
London EC1A & W1G

Sue Belton works with people who feel unsatisfied with their lives and careers. She helps them get clarity about what will make them truly happy and fulfilled, and then helps them create more meaningful lives. Sue has been working as a life coach for eight years.

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