What do you want?

Powerful changes are rooted in knowing what you want.

When you know what you want, everything is clearer. You easily define what is important, you quickly assess what you should focus on, you fully align your conscious and unconscious mind toward your destination, you create new relationships, you take actions you would have never taken before.

If you are still unsure about what you want, it is because you may only use two lenses; you consider having too many options or you see no real option at all. Both choices will enable you to take small steps and achieve very little.

Depending on where you are in your life right now, you may really want to ask yourself this question: What do I really want?

This is a powerful question. Picture it that way; if you can answer this, it feels like turning on the engine of your car and putting your seatbelt on. It is a critical step to get ready. You feel empowered to go somewhere. Energy flowing through your body. It does not mean you will get there tomorrow, it means that you are getting ready for what is coming.

Coaching is certainly one of the best tools to address this question. It allows you to explore all your possibilities, gain comfort in making choices and zoom in on what you want. Coaching also allows you to expand on what you believe is possible. This is why successful people hire a coach.

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If you are reading this article, you are looking to make a change. You may not know where/how to start. So, here are three-pointers to help you:

  • Close your eyes (after you finished reading this sentence!) and go back in time – try to remember when you felt a sense of pride in the past. Picture two or three specific past events. What were you doing? How did you feel? Write down these souvenirs. What do they tell you about you?
  • As we are halfway through 2020, you may want to consider these tips to get your year back on track. Remember what you wanted in January and chase what matters today.
  • Now imagine yourself in the future - you are 80 years old - what would you like to see from your life? Are you on track to achieve what the 80 years old is seeing? If not, then it is time to take the jump and embrace the winning combo that will bring you what you are after.

What you really deeply want has to be exciting - edgy - out of full safety. This will not come by over-consuming articles/reading books. It will come by taking action. Read less - act more! Sometimes you start to do something that feels good and simply build on it. Without realising it, you start to know what you want!

I would leave you with a final thought. As you are getting closer to address this question What do I want? The sister question that is always around the corner is this one: What do I expect? Expectation and willingness are two notions that are close and quite different. Can you feel the difference?

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Written by Alex Kergall - High Performance Coach -

Alex is a High-Performance coach - His clients are Executives, Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs.

Alex offers a holistic coaching approach Mind-Body-Heart-Spirit.

His clients are located in the UK, Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Brazil, South Africa and India.… Read more

Written by Alex Kergall - High Performance Coach -

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