What do you have when all your hopes and dreams have gone?

You have your comfortable same old life that does not change day to day. If I think back to when I worked as a projects director a few years ago it was tiring and relentless, however, I grew into who I am today. If I just stayed working as a restaurant supervisor 25 years ago (stayed safe), living in a bedsit and earning the same money every week I would not have grown at all.

I understand that life gets in the way, family, kids and the world generally but have you grown? If you think about where you are today, would you have got there without having hopes and dreams? These are the things that firming put you outside your comfort zone and push you to evolve, achieve the impossible and ultimately shape you into a strong, more rounded individual. 

  • Don’t stop dreaming.
  • Keep hoping things will get better.
  • Target yourself to do at least one thing outside your comfort zone every week.

“Face your fears and live your dreams!”

Heather Egginton

Executive results coach

The Real Executive Coaching Co.


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