What can coaching do for you?

To begin with I’d like to ask you what you do in the following scenarios:

You’ve broken your arm, who do you see? A medical doctor.

You’ve entered an athletic race to compete, who would you contact? A personal trainer.

These two examples of having a need with a clear service provider. But sometimes, it is not always clear why you would contact a coach. Let me give you an example, you are waking up most mornings feeling unmotivated and cranky about your work, who do you turn to or call? May be a friend or a family member or possibly no one at all. Similarly, what if you’ve been wanted to leave your career to something that you are more passionate about, but you are unsure as to how to make that change and who to ask. A coach can provide support for both these examples: overcoming Monday morning blues, determining your career path, as well as all the areas below:

  • Helping you deal with challenges at work, role transitions, managing stress.
  • Dealing with the practical challenges of juggling work and home-life balance.
  • Dealing more effectively with personal issues.
  • Expanding your friendship circles and developing a greater sense of adventure.
  • Building a more positive and stronger sense of identity.
  • Increasing your self-confidence.
  • Developing a stronger sense of resilience.
  • Living a more meaningful and fulfilled life.

Research from The International Coach Federation showed that professional coaching has many benefits: improved work performance, time management, self-confidence, relationships, communication and work/life balance. Recent developments in the field of positive psychology are also discovering the importance of how best to support people to thrive, enabling a more meaningful and fulfilled life as well as improving individual's well-being and resilience. These two areas of research are just some of the outcomes and goals that can be achieved when working with a coach.

If any of the issues resonate with you, then please connect with a coach to see how they can best help you in a creative, enjoyable and dynamic manner.

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All coaches are verified professionals