What are you frightened of?

What is there to be frightened of? The answer is nothing.

Experiences may make us nervous and diminish our spark, yet you can become stronger with challenges.

Many amazing people have faced awful traumas and gone through the dark screen to a lighter brighter place beyond. You can too.

Depression and anxiety cannot hold you back. Fearful situations can create these but it's not healthy to keep them preventing you from living the life you deserve and being the person you are here to be in all your glory.

You are here to be amazing and to operate at a level which is right for you and not to be squashed by anything.

Ways to overcome fear

  • See when you first noticed any fears arising.
  • Where did these come from and why? Recognising can help them to diminish their strength.
  • Where do you feel the fear in your body?
  • What are the fears made of? Straw, cardboard, plastic or metal?
  • Is there a colour around them? If so what is it?
  • Do the fears have shapes? If so notice what these are.
  • Put the biggest in a suitcase and send it off on a bullet train to disappear to another far-flung destination.
  • Laugh at the fears and mock them until they get smaller and then disappear.
  • Determinedly tell them to disperse and to leave you as they don’t own you or belong to you.
  • Feel your own physical power by doing something safe but which proves your strength.
  • Remember your greatest achievements before any fears came round you. These are your power.
  • Put light around yourself, have a shower and intend your body to be rid of anything causing fears.
  • Use your favourite crystals for protection on yourself and in your home.
  • Light a candle and let the fears burn away as the candle burns.

The fears can lessen and with practice go. Your mind will know that you have allowed shifts to happen, for big changes to become possible so that you just have love, hope, determination and strength to carry you ahead each day. Every morning you will feel better and better mentally and ready to face the day with confidence and joy.

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