What are the secrets of people who are happy?

It is ever more openly spoken about how self-awareness and mind management are one of the top tools to help us succeed and be happy in our life. However, being a happy camper doesn't always come easy to all of us. The good news is, that it is something that can be learned and practised to permanence. We all have some of our past coding holding us back at times but when shed light on and made aware can be decoded and recoded into something more constructive and life affirming.

We can learn a lot from the people who are genuinely happy within themselves and their lives and take note as to how we could adapt these nuggets of wisdom into our lives too. Ever so often I go over the below list of wisdoms and make sure I’m working on staying on the right track.

What happy people do is they:

1. Focus their attention and efforts on their own lives. Happy people are too busy living their own lives to be checking up on what others are getting up to, or not. Happy people are content in focusing their time and attention on their own life and making a optimal present they love to live in. Happy people speak well of others and seek to find the good in everyone. They are content in their own lives and their own skin. Happy people do not feel the need to please and instead focus on their own life and being who they are.

2. Don't compare themselves to others (online or off line). They know that their life is unique and worth their focus and attention. They know that if they put the right action plans in place they will get where they want to go in their own time. As long as they keep moving and growing into the direction they truly want to go, they will get there. They know they can not change others and thus seek to find people to associate themselves with who see the world in similar terms.

3. Keep true to themselves. Happy people know that when they honour themselves they will be happy in life. Whether it is choosing a partner or a job, type of work environment or hobby, happy people go with what makes them tick and gets them excited. Happy people are very aware (consciously or sometimes unconsciously) of their values and believes and cultivate them. They do not let the world's chaos influence these. Happy people therefore make time to connect to themselves, either through meditation, yoga and alone or quiet time. When they are connected to themselves they will be more centered and even more able to be true to themselves when making decisions and choices in their life.

4. Live in the present. Happy people do not dwell on their past mistakes and what they think they should have done. However, they do take note and make sure they do not make the same mistakes over and over again. Happy people forgive others and themselves. They know the power of letting go, not only on their mind, but body too. Happy people live in the now as they know this is the only place they can make a change or influence how things will turn out.

5. Are grateful and make time to appreciate what they have. Happy people do not feel life owes them anything. They know that they have the power within themselves to get what they need to live a happy life. They are prepared to work and succeed on their own merits. On the way towards what they want, they make sure they appreciate the journey and what they currently have. They are a success already at any stage. They know they have worked on themselves to get where they want to be and know how to be grateful for their own efforts.

6. Choose friends wisely and cherish alone time. Happy people are comfortable with or without people around them. In fact they cherish alone time as this is their time to reconnect to themselves - their values and beliefs - which influences their next steps. Daily centering enables them to reconnect with their personal source of energy that is always present when connected to. This is something no one can take away from them. It helps them navigate though the chaos of life and feel centred each day.

7. Establish personal control. Happy people know the only thing they can change and control is their own actions and work through any reactions that occur. Happy people know that if they react, their crumble points are pushed and they will work through them until they get to a solution stage where they are in control of their emotions again. Happy people also know that only constant practise makes permanent.

8. Accept things that can not be changed. You do not hear happy people moan about the weather, that the lift is not working or lost luggage. They know these are out of their control and not worth wasting energy on. They also know that life will throw stuff at them which they have no control over, however they have the belief in themselves that they can handle it to the best of their abilities. Happy people know they have a choice in how they see the world and how they react to what is happening to them daily.

9. See problems as challenges and as a way to grow. Happy people do not shy away from difficult situations. They see challenges as opportunities to grow and improve their skill set of life. They know each problem or person (who gets under their skin) is there to teach them something they can learn from and grow. They trust themselves to act with grace in any situation.

10. Exercise daily and eat well. Happy people know the power of getting their body moving and heart pumping. They know how exercise can release stress and make them feel better. They know that doing exercise they like will motivate them to go out there and do it regularly. Happy people start small and build up, they eat well and rarely feel they deny themselves anything as they have a balanced diet.

11. Lastly, happy people are not perma happy. They too get sad and blue. However, the difference is that they refuse to dwell on things for too long. Especially things they have no control over. They know they have control over their own emotions and actions. They make the choice to remove themselves from bad situations that do not serve their growth and focus on the good that there is.

What areas would you like to improve? It takes time to grow so keep reviewing this list frequently to direct your brain to seek more opportunities to use these points and grow.

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Petra xx

The FlowStyler


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Written by Petra Tourunen, Career Purpose Coach - TheFlowStyler Career Coaching
Richmond TW9 & London SE1

Petra Tourunen is a women's authenticity and transformational coach - theFlowStyler. She specialises in working with women who are 'this close' to quitting their job, want their work/life balance back and who want to create a career around their uniqueness and passion. Their Flow.

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