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Weight management coaching is for the woman who has repeatedly dieted and felt that she's failed just as many times, gaining more weight and is searching for an alternative to diets. In fact these women want to make life-long positive change! Often these clients have a time line of events where their weight has yo-yo’d up and down.

Post childbirth
Job stress
Being at home after having a career
Menopause and hormonal changes
Ill health

The list could go on and on...

It's clearly not about food but life and how we feel about it and the way in which we react to it. These clients use food to cope with their lives. So the only option often used to manage weight issues is the diet, easy to access and accepted as part of life. Plenty of them out there and if they worked why are so many women spending time and money repeating the process? My belief is that no one actually fails on a diet, the diets themselves are doomed! They fail because you don’t have the opportunity to learn that it’s not about food. Are you interested in Change, now?

Weight management coaching is a positive alternative to following diets and ultimately finding that you fail time and time again. It’s not about living in the past it’s about now and tomorrow, freedom for you and your relationship with yourself and food. A coach working with weight issues explores what drives their client to ‘use’ food and uses creative techniques to explore alternative behaviours and thinking patterns.

Weight management coaching gives you the opportunity to gain control of how you live your life with food, you gain body acceptance and learn to understand yourself on a deeper level. You have everything to gain from seeking an alternative to the diets that clearly haven’t worked for you. If diets have failed you, coaching provides an answer and a real alternative.

Are you ready, now?

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Written by Jayne Cox LCHDip MISMAuk

Jayne Cox is a Professional Coach and Stress Management Consultant. Her specialist areas include Stress, Unlocking Potential and Confidence Coaching. She encourages Women 40+ to feel visible and fulfilled. She is a great believer in looking after mental fitness and created MindFit. Working with compassion she achieves great results.… Read more

Written by Jayne Cox LCHDip MISMAuk

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