Weight and wellbeing Coaching for 2010

We'll get back to steps for Coaching for your successful weight management in the coming weeks but a timely reminder about dieting.

So we’ve entered the New Year and over my breakfast this morning I heard an advert on the radio for a diet of some sort, I have no idea which diet but it reminded me of how much pressure there is around us after the Christmas festivities. It’s not new, for as long as I can remember the new year brings the glut of ‘Z’ list celebrities promoting their latest offerings of how to lose inches, weight, the flab...If I remember rightly we also see, at a later date, that the ‘said’ celebrity is still struggling with weight or other issues, so sad that all this gets played out in the magazines or papers. Then there are the special offers and promises of weight loss by joining this club or that. You may be just about to embark on yet another diet. STOP, just for a moment.
There’s an alternative... Coaching for weight and wellbeing.

Because you want to make a lifelong change

Diets haven't worked and you’ve spent £’s on quick fixes with your weight creeping up after each attempt fails. By the way the diet’s fail, not you!

You’re ready to invest in an empowering journey to understand why you eat and change it!


You can work via the Telephone

You can work face to face

You can have email support in between sessions and feel fully supported


Now! There’s no time like the present to change the failed dieting habits and change your life.

Let's make this year different!

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Written by Jayne Cox LCHDip MISMAuk

Jayne Cox is a Professional Coach and Stress Management Consultant. Her specialist areas include Stress, Unlocking Potential and Confidence Coaching. She encourages Women 40+ to feel visible and fulfilled. She is a great believer in looking after mental fitness and created MindFit. Working with compassion she achieves great results.… Read more

Written by Jayne Cox LCHDip MISMAuk

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