We can't be positive all the time

Life coaching is often about helping people move forward with their lives. How to set goals and move towards achieving them. This is a positive course of action and often requires a positive mind-set. But we as human beings simply cannot feel positive in every given moment. That’s just not realistic.

Most of us often have to deal with some pretty powerful and upsetting issues in our lives. People can suffer from depression, high levels of anxiety, too much stress and many other struggles and can feel guilty or ashamed for feeling like this.

One of the predominant messages in our society is to be positive, keep that chin up, don’t get down. Yes, life has its struggles, but rise above it all.

Is that realistic or even fair to ask ourselves to do that? Life happens to all of us - things that make us sad, terrible illnesses that we must battle, losing loved ones. How in all of that are we meant to remain positive? I’ve learned that when we pretend things are one way (everything is perfect) but its definitely not, we can make ourselves very ill. Things will and do catch up to us all.

My message today is honour what you are feeling. Care for yourself and if you are going through a tough time then ask for help. Let your friends and family know. Don’t let anything stop you from asking for help. Find a life coach or therapist if you need more help. But please don’t pretend that everything is ok when its not. People will believe what you want them to believe because they aren’t inside our heads. We will all get down at different times in our lives. Sometimes we will recover quickly and move forward on our own but other times we need the help and love of others to get us through. Reach out and ask for help.

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Written by Jodechi Morton

Dorking RH5 & Betchworth RH3

Jodechi Morton is both a qualified and certified life coach and cognitive behavioural therapist. She uses both of these to help her clients change their lives into positive and powerful lives. Her background is in positive psychology and Jodechi believes that we can all live lives of health, happiness and wellbeing.


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