Ways to support the body mind and soul.

A framework

Stop for a moment and be still.

Breathe and determinedly let all thoughts go.

Concentrate on the breath and feel into your body.

You have paused momentarily.

Now you can sense a change.

The conscious refreshment brings in new energy, calm and a feeling of being able to cope. This technique can be used in stressful situations including at work. It is non-invasive and can be done surreptitiously to give your whole being a break. You are in conscious awareness in this state.

We all function in different ways. Play therapists discovered that different children play in different ways. For instance, some work in circular ways, some in lines and others in no particular direction. In the same way, as unique individuals, we have our own ways of operating, which are probably unconscious. Habits give us security. Patterns of behaviour help us to control our lives. Beyond this is a structure or framework. It’s a schemata.

To do

Go into the pause state and see if when you come away from it, you can sense a framework around you.

Notice what it
a. Looks like.
b. Feels like.

What is on the outside?

Are there people? Maybe family members or friends. What else?

Look to see what’s inside the framework.

Do you know what is helpful to you in your framework.

How does it support you?

Are any inner parts giving you a greater strength?

Your personal framework is unique. The structure may be solid or flimsy according to what it’s made of. It could be like Meccano or Lego, out of bamboo or wood. It’s a scaffolding.

To do

Now be really aware of yours.

Close your eyes and get a sense of just how important it is.

In doing this you will suddenly have an aha moment and know more about yourself. With this knowledge you can be a different you and be more of who you want to be!

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