Wake up and dance! Your life is waiting in the wings

‘The universe is full of magical things patiently waiting for our wits to grow sharper.’

Life can awaken your full potential enabling you to live a better life. You just need to know how! My journey to self-discovery came through a debilitating illness. I had nobody to help me understand what was happening to the energy of my body. I came through smiling! You can too.

The miraculous road I have taken, with numerous strange alleyways and secret passages, has been a blessing. It’s propelled my life in unimaginable, joyful ways through higher consciousness and spiritual connection, linking me in with the divine.

Moment by moment life changes and there is possibility for new ideas and helpful methods to seep in. If it’s hard to make changes happen, there may be destructive internal barriers to living in the now. Notice all the positives around you. Perhaps there is still a feeling that you need more. Maybe you feel frustrated and annoyed. Techniques and practices can be learnt to make the shifts you desire, old habits banished, new patterns created.

By learning ways to calmly allow new things come in, beneficial changes are experienced. You are a powerful human being. Are you in your power? Learn the truth of how you can be fulfilled. Knowing the body and listening deeply within, to its messages and the information coming from the source, keeps us in balance. In doing so helps us to understand what may be going on physically and emotionally and it lead us to make shifts which, ultimately, brings more joy into our lives.

Emoto showed showed us how memory is held in water. The body is at least 75% water and all experiences can be contained in it. Renewal does occur continuously. Candice Peart taught that the cells of the body remember all that has happened to a person even from before birth. Other research backs this up.

These memories may have a negative affect and prevent people from clearing themselves. Fortunately there are many methods to help movement, and overcome the intensity. Things may never completely fade but the triggers can be diluted and by going to a higher state of consciousness, much can be altered.

With use of EFT massive changes can happen fast. Painful experiences, which hold an emotional charge in the body, can be released. Using time line therapy works in a different but powerful way, and with visualisation shifts the memory. The body responds.

Finding ways to grow and expand consciousness into a new place brings harmony. You can reconnect to your essence. Creativity dances the soul. Music, writing, dancing, crafts, singing, help release. A place of contentment and joy awaits beyond all emotional clogging.

Life is waiting for you to expand, to embrace it and be the greatest form of you.

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