Understanding confidence

How do we recognise confidence in a person? We look at how they behave in most situations. Whether or not they dither when faced with certain situations or show self-assurance.

 What do we notice?

  • Caring about appearance -  letting everyone know they care, i.e. the way they look, the way they dress, their deportment.
  • Understanding - because of the knowledge gathered and how it is used.
  • Know what they want - not afraid to set goals to achieve them.
  • Thinking positively - always trying to avoid negative thinking.
  • Behaviour - knowing how to behave appropriately in each individual situation.
  • Getting things done - never lazy by putting things off.
  • Solutions - looking for a solution to a problem rather than feeling nothing can be done.
  • Optimistic - always believing there is a positive outcome.
  • Respectful - always showing respect for others especially in differences of opinion.
  • Confident - never afraid to take the first step.

 What happens if we are not confident?

 We feel:

  • lonely 
  • embarrassed and awkward

  • in awe of confident people
  • useless

  • pessimistic

  • depressed

  • misunderstood

  • resentful.

With confidence, you have won before you have started.

Marcus Garvey

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