Uncovering your fundamental units of health

Working with patients and being a patient myself I noticed a common scenario, almost a learnt reconciliation that the answer to our health problems was known by someone somewhere within the medical profession, and our job is to follow the prescription, keep researching new remedies and hoping one day the right physician would provide the right “pill”. The right “pill” is there for many life limiting diseases and I will always proudly wave the banner and celebrate the advances of medical science. But what happens if no-one can explain your symptoms or offer solutions? Or if despite finding the magic remedy you still live in fear of relapse? What happens if you’ve found the magic pill or diagnosis yet still suffer days of poor health?

I want to tell you that is completely normal. Our bodies are part of nature, nature which is constantly changing, indefinable, evolving through the cycle of life. Physical things can’t be fixed in one perfect state, in fact when we try to keep ourselves in a fixed state of well-being and vitality, we lose harmony with nature and this is where disease can grow, just like emotions and feelings are in constant flux, there too needs to be a range of physical states. Your well-being is not dependant on your experience of your health being definable or controlled.

In biology, cells are considered the fundamental unit of life. The majority of living organisms comprise from a vast number of cells working in concert with one another to promote the living beings' evolution. Through the fabric of each cell is the universal intelligence that sustains all life and directs the cells differentiation (development of specific characteristics). This intelligence is evident because every cell in the body knows exactly what to do and how to operate in coordination with other cells.

In synergy with the cells internal guide, the cells environment (also orchestrated by the intelligence of life). if left untampered with, contains all the essential requirements to promote a cell's health. These fundamental needs include water, oxygen, key nutrients, functional proteins, correct sheer pressures, stable temperature regulation and growth signalling from neighbouring molecules and cells.

So how is this helpful to know?

At our essence we are all pure life, no different to a cell. Within us is all the information we require to live in our health.

Our physical bodies will tire and ail, but this indicates we are part of the fabric of nature. If we can accept this, hold our morbidities with compassion instead of panic and analysis, shower our condition with love and understanding then we can create the space for new information to come to mind. This inner guidance can move us to create an environment that supports our health providing nourishment, physical care, patience, warmth and community. From this place we often find ourselves taking actions to remedy our pains or seeking out the right medical care without the desperation. Trust in your ability to respond to what is unfolding.

There's so much joy, contentment and ease to be found by uncovering the wellbeing you hold despite physical circumstance. By pointing people towards the ‘space within’, the source of all life and experience, the mind clears and answers are born out of love, not fear.

I never want anyone to have to seek desperately for answers to ‘themselves’. No healing can happen when our fight or flight survival (sympathetic nervous) system is on high alert. Healing comes from being at home within ourselves. Like cells, from a nourishing mental, physical and emotional environment we can develop healthy characteristics and re-learn to thrive.

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