Top Tips to 'ditch the diet'

Leading up to Christmas I want to offer a series of weekly ‘tips’ to help you decide that this coming new year you will make positive, permanent changes to your life and your relationship with food, ditching the diets, deprivation and Jan 1st hollow promises.

Step 1

Start keeping a journal, explore your life, loves, fears and feelings in as much detail as you can find the time for, notice the relationship this has to your eating/food choices. Make this a new habit and do it as often as possible. Keep your focus and stop yourself moving on to step 2 until this feels like a new and positive habit. Note how you feel!

You're on your way!

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Written by Jayne Cox LCHDip MISMAuk

Jayne Cox is a Professional Coach and Stress Management Consultant. Her specialist areas include Stress, Unlocking Potential and Confidence Coaching. She encourages Women 40+ to feel visible and fulfilled. She is a great believer in looking after mental fitness and created MindFit. Working with compassion she achieves great results.… Read more

Written by Jayne Cox LCHDip MISMAuk

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