Top questions people have about seeing a life coach

Making the decision to see a life coach can be intensive. It can also be one of the best choices you’ve made. However, to be sure that it's going to be worth the time, commitment and money, there’ll be some questions you’ll want answering first. Here we explore some of the questions that come up most often for people considering coaching.


Will it work?

That all depends on what you are prepared to put into it and what it is, exactly, that you want out of it. Essentially, if you are willing and ready to make a change in your life, thinking or habits, then the chances are - providing you have a good coach - that the process will work for you. Your coach will be able to guide you as to the time it might take to achieve your objectives and establish what is realistic and achievable within your timescale and budget. If you aren’t sure, have a chat with a coach and see what is possible - it may be better than you think.

How do I choose the right coach?

You really need to go on your gut here. Essentially you should be at the centre of the process, so if you notice any coach who seems more interested in promoting themselves rather than focussing on you, this might be something you want to take into consideration. A decent website is always useful, but it needs to be balanced by how you feel when you communicate with them. A good coach will be asking about you and where you want to get to. They’ll be looking to gain an understanding of how you came to be where you are and any blocks (mental or otherwise) that may have been preventing you from getting there. They should also be able to give you a reasonably accurate estimate of how many sessions you might need and the potential costs involved. It is essential that you feel comfortable with your choice - even if you might be a bit apprehensive of taking the leap into coaching.

Will it be worth it?

The million-dollar question, and one that only you can answer. It is a fairly simple equation though. Once you have gained an understanding of the time it might take and the costs involved, you just need to ask yourself a simple question: if tomorrow you received an offer saying that if you paid the anticipated amount of money, and put in the expected amount of energy, in the agreed amount of time, and got where you want to be/feel the way you want to feel - would it be worth it? If your response is a resounding 'yes', then you have your answer!

I’ve felt like this forever, I just can’t see how it can change. Can things really change?

The process of change is an interesting one. It can take years getting to the point where we choose or need to do it. We might have been struggling with something for a long time. However, when change actually happens, it tends to happen pretty quickly. It is the build-up to that point which takes time and deliberation. Trying to hold on to something that isn’t right is exhausting. Trying to keep things the same when the world is moving forward, almost impossible. Making the choice to do something about it and doing it can be such a huge relief. It doesn’t matter if you can’t see the path or even where you want to end up. It is the coach's job to help you change your perception and approach. They will help you deal with your feelings and thoughts and move into a space from which you can move on in a positive and productive way. 

How much should I be paying?

This will depend on your personal circumstances. More expensive is not necessarily better. Less expensive isn’t necessarily the most economical. It is best to gain an understanding of the overall cost and what you will get for this. A less experienced coach may be cheaper but take longer to get you to where you want to be. Then again, a coach offering the earth for an exorbitant fee might just have paid a snazzy marketing person. Use your head and evaluate the total amount of time it might take, the total amount of money and weigh up what feels both achievable for you and worth it. That, along with your sense of how much the coach seems to fit with where you want to be, will help you decide what is a reasonable amount to pay. 

I want to do it, but I feel a bit embarrassed. How can I approach a coach when I’m not even sure?

Believe it or not, it is perfectly normal to feel self-conscious or unsure about seeing a coach for the first time. Even for the most outwardly confident of us (and sometimes more so) it can feel like we should be able to ‘sort it out myself’ or ‘it might just go away and I’m being stupid’. Have a chat with a coach or two and you will quickly change your view. We are used to working with people in this position. Even really successful people need coaches. An objective pair of eyes, on your side, helping you get where you want to be. All you need to be is open to the possibility of change and want things to be genuinely better or more successful going forward. There is a coach out there for everyone. Once you have found yours, you’ll have a resource to call upon when you need it for the rest of your life. It’s incredible what we can all achieve - and I have seen so many people do it - when we just make the decision to make that change and do something about it. 

Jotting down a few things that you want out of the coaching - be that career, confidence, getting out of being stuck in a rut or feeling happier in yourself, will help focus you on what to say. Then contact the coach giving them a little bit of background and what you’d like to achieve. Begin the conversation and you will be a step closer to getting what you want out of life, whoever you are, whatever you want to become!

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Written by Rachel Coffey, Coaching - Life Coach, Career Coach, Voice Coach MA
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One of Happiful magazine’s regular panel of experts, Rachel is a leading life coach, voice coach (MA) and business coach . Using researched, innovative and person centred techniques, she helps her clients create real and lasting change in a short space of time. Confidentiality is guaranteed. All enquiries warmly welcomed!

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